What is Gallery in WordPress? Meaning of Gallery

//What is Gallery in WordPress? Meaning of Gallery

A picture is worth a thousand words. This saying is true even in the virtual world. Your posts and content can be made even more effective with pictures. A gallery is a collection of images.

WordPress takes care of this and has an inbuilt gallery to share and manage images. The user can add images to the blog by using the Create Gallery feature.What is Gallery in WordPress? Meaning of GalleryThe steps to insert a gallery in WordPress:

  • Login to the WordPress Dashboard.
  • Create or Edit a post or page
  • Click the Add Media button and select the required images. You can add images from the Internet by giving the URL for the image or add images locally from the computer.
  • Click on Create Gallery.Create Gallery in WordPress
  • The images in the gallery can be sorted and arranged in different formats. You can give captions and descriptions for images.
  • Click on the button Create a New Gallery to save the gallery.
  • In the post, you can click on Insert Gallery to include the gallery in the post.

There are different plugins available to manage WordPress galleries too like Photo Gallery by WD, Gallery by BestWebSoft etc.

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