You have a blog. You need traffic. You want to grow. That’s what most of the bloggers like you are expecting or even working hard on it. When it comes to SEO, today it’s all about driving traffic from Google.

The effort that you put and the amount of time you invest for your blog’s growth has to be paid back right?

You should not be in your own world of assumption. You have to be in reality and understand, how well you have optimized your blog for search engines? Have you done the right SEO steps? Have you made any SEO mistakes?

The answer is SEO audit.

Today, I want to help you by sharing few of the best SEO auditing tools available on the web. All these are online based tools where you have to just enter a URL and see the report.9 Free SEO Audit Tools To Analyze Various SEO Parameters and To Generate Report

1. Quick Sprout

You may already know the QuickSprout blog. Have your ever tried Quick Sprout’s SEO tool? If not take a look at the below video, it takes you through the steps to perform a quick audit.

This tool analyzes almost every parameter like page speed, keywords, backlinks, social media metrics etc. along with descriptive suggestions.

2. SEO Site Checkup

This is also a free SEO audit tool where you can check every element of your blog. It shows all the common SEO issues on titles, meta description, keyword usage, social metrics and also, detailed data related to server & security.

The following screenshot shows the audit results for BlashO.Audit result from SeoSiteCheckup

3. SEOptimer

This is a free yet simple SEO auditing tool. It analyzes the keywords, social media signals, the number of links on the page as well as the HTML header elements like page title, meta description, meta keywords etc.

For BlashO, it reported 3 improvements like below:

  1. Make your HTML code less messy
  2. Add proper sitemap.xml file
  3. Get some “Like it!” clicks

Take a look at the audit results from below screenshot:SEO Audit by SEOPTIMER

4. Zadroweb SEO Auditor

This SEO Auditor from Zadroweb is a free-to-use tool. It shows page authority, domain authority from Moz. It also shows Google PageRank, Google Page Speed score as well as a consolidated SEO score.

When I ran the audit, BlashO got a score of 85.98 with 4 warnings.Audit Results by ZadroWeb

5. WooRank

Yet another SEO auditing tool which categories the result as Optimize, Promote, Measure. It also shows a consolidated WooRank score and a descriptive marketing checklist for your site. Looks the features are limited with the free version.

You can also take a look at the WooRank demo video to understand better about this tool.

6. SEO Robotics

This is a simple-to-use and free tool which gives a basic list of data analyzed. The tool looks to be broken, however, it shows whether you have used “Apple Touch Icon” in your page or not. You also get an SEO score X out of 80. Not much worth to try.

7. SEO Analyzer from SEO Centro

Yet another simple tool which shows only the basic elements of SEO like page title, title length, meta description etc. It audits the “title to content relevancy” and that’s one of the key parameters that other tools are not showing.

It also shows an SEO score as well as a Speed score.SEO Analyzer Audit Result and Score

8. SEO Workers Audit Tool

Again this is a simple-to-use tool and it analyzes all the basic on-page SEO elements along with keyword density (of 2-words, 3-words, 4-words). This tool shows all Matt Cutts videos as tips for each and every element. Hence no interesting SEO data.

9. Small SEO Tools

One of my favorite site which has a great collection of free SEO auditing and related tools. You can simply bookmark this site and it helps you to do a quick SEO check for anything right from backlinks to website speed test.

Few of the useful tools are keyword density checker, backlink checker, keyword position tool, domain age checker, sitemap generator etc.Small SEO Tools


Hope these SEO auditing tools are helpful to you.

There are a lot of tools available each one has its own SEO parameters analyzed. With these free tools, you can cross check whether you are on the right track or not.

However, when it comes to search engine optimization, “you should not over optimize” the pages for keywords. Instead, keep it natural and consider to follow all the basics of SEO outlined by Google. Refer that pdf file, it has all the basics covered and if you make sure all those points are considered it’s well enough that you had optimized your blog for search engines.

Don’t overlook into those SEO audit results.

Good Luck.


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