Recently, I did a detailed study on keyword density analysis by comparing the Google’s top 10 search results.

The outcome of the research: keywords on title and keywords across multiple elements of the page are playing a major role in ranking.

Interestingly, I found there were no keywords used on the image alt tags on those top 10 results.

The learning is that keyword has to be used on multiple elements of the page right from Title, Body Text, Links in a natural way.

That means you should not stuff your page with too many keywords instead you have to use it on required places. This way, your pages will be optimized perfectly for the search engines and also, it will carry necessary information for the reader.

However, there is no specific optimum keyword density.

According to Google, it should not be over density because it means you are spamming.

In this article, I will be listing few of the best free keyword density analysis tools available in the market.

#1 – SEO Book’s Keyword Density Analyzer Tool

This is one among the famous tools that I use most of the time.seobook keyword density analyzer

You can input your URL or simply, paste the content and click “Submit”. If you are inputting URL then you can choose between, what are all the elements to take for analysis.

For example, you can include or exclude Meta Description from your analysis or Page Title etc.

The results looks like below:seobook keyword density result

It shows the overall density and also, for the specific element like text only, title only etc. It has the option to exclude “stop words” or you can input your own “stop words”.

#2 – Small SEO’s Keyword Density Checker

smallseo keyword density checkerThis is one of the simplest tools. You can input a URL or directly, fill it with text. You have to choose a number of terms to list on the result. Also, you can restrict the analysis to keyword count.

For example, you choose to analyse only 3 words per term or 2 words per term.

The result looks like below:smallseo keyword density result

It shows all the keywords including “stop words”.

#3 – Tool

Yet another bare simple tool that can calculate the density of keywords from the given text. You have to paste the content and it does the analysis.

The result looks like below:keywordanalyser result

It shows top 1 word, top 2 words etc. on the result and it includes “stop words”. Hence not that much helpful.

#4 – Analyzer from Web SEO Analytics

This is yet another favorite analyser which gives more detailed information about keywords. It analyzes the HTML title tags and tells, what are all the keywords used in it. Further, it also shows an indication on “possible spam”.

You can also see the spider view (how search engine looks your page). It also analyses the Meta Tags and shows the values of each and every tag used in your blog.

The result looks like below:webseo keyword density result

#5 – Textalyser

Textalyser is more than a keyword density analyzer tool, it can also find out the complexity of your page/content.

It calculates and ranks the content as Easy, Hard, Optimal showing its readability. Further, it shows the density up to 5-word counts. A must-to-try tool, if you want to make sure your content is made for the reader.

The result looks like below:textalyser tool

#6 – IM Ninja’s Keyword Density Tool

Yet another simple tool which shows 2-word phrases and 3-word phrases. Nothing else. Good that this tool filters “stop words”.analysis by ninja

#7 – Keyword Density WordPress Plugin

When it comes to tools, we can also find cool WordPress plugins. Here is the WordPress plugin that can easily show the density inside the admin dashboard.

It shows in real-time while you type the content and it supports keyword density for non-English content and also, supports “stop words”.

#8 – SEOCentro Density Tool

Apart from keyword density, this tool also shows whether a keyword is used in Title, Description or both.seocentro results


There are lot more tools available to calculate the keyword density of your writing as well as pages.

Apart from these 2 tools remaining are just keyword tools without much value add.

When it comes to keyword density, you also keep these 2 simple points in mind:

  • Don’t over stuff keywords in your writing and keep the keywords to flow naturally.
  • Don’t forget to use that targeted keyword on Title, Body, Links, Images.

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