There are tonnes of advices available in Internet on, how to make money from a blog ? Don’t worry i don’t want to repeat, what every one is telling in this world? Just to help the beginners like you, this article is made.

This is a basic question that every beginner will have in mind:
Which is the first method to make money from a blog ?

As you know, there are various revenue models available to earn from your blog. And its totally, your freedom to choose the way. In reality, when you are running a brand new blog, you could not attract more visitors. Yes, the volume of visitors coming to your blog decides its income (by theory).

Don’t Go With Most Common Method.

The most common method: I see like many of the beginners will go for Adsense as the first choice. Even many people are still struggling to accept into Adsense at the earlier stage. Don’t go in that way.

As i mentioned, the volume of visitor decides the income, is well applicable to Google Adsense. Its a PPC based program, right ? Based on the number of clicks and the cost-per-click value, your blog will generate its revenue.

  • For example, if you are getting 20 visitors every day and if you are paid $0.10 per click, your blog will earn 20 x 0.10 = $2 per day.

Again, it depends on the individuals expectation, beginners may expect to make 1000’s the very first month. That’s not gonna happen suddenly with Adsense or any other PPC based ad programs.

Tell Me, Which Is The First (Best) Method ?



Straight forward, its “Selling affiliate products”. As soon as you start a blog and if you are getting 10-20 visitors, it is extremely possible to sell digital affiliate products. Yes, many of the Internet marketing Experts are following this strategy.

  • They build tiny websites called “Niche Sites” and they sell affiliate products on it. With as little as 10-20 visitors, they will sell at least 2-3 products every week.

Lets put an another calculation with this data.

  • For example, if your blog gets 20 visitors every day and at the rate of 2% conversion (sale), in 5 days your blog could sell 2 products. And in 30 days, it could sell 12 products.

Do you know, Clickbank pays up to 75% commission on every sale ? Yes, is it…

  • With that in mind, if the value of single product is $50, you will earn $25 (@ 50% commission) from a single sale. For, 12 sales, you will earn 12 x $25= $300 per month.

How To Make It Happen For Your Blog ?

Yes, with as little as 20 visitors per day, you could make $300 per month. It is possible only, when you are getting the right visitors to your site.

  • The visitors coming to your site are those, who must be looking for a solution !
  • And, the product that you refer to them, should be the solution to their problem !

This creates a mutuality between visitors-products and hence higher chances to sell products.

In the earlier stage of blogging, especially when you are not able to get more visitors, it is good to follow this method. Don’t just go by others way, and don’t just do what others are doing.

Spend time to understand,

  • what really works in your new blog ?
  • what really doesn’t works in your new blog ?

Based on that, decide and take actions.

Making money from your blog is not a simple task. Even, you should show that your new blog as Matured Blog, so that visitors will believe in you. Visitors has to TRUST your site then only they will open their wallet.

Don’t keep your new blog, undressed ! Make it to stand out like a matured blog, it makes you profits !

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