Do you want to know which WordPress theme a blog is using? There are days where you may get inspired by a design somewhere on the web and want to know which theme they use.

When you are looking to change the WordPress theme on your blog, you have to consider several factors in deciding which theme to use. This leads to exploring more about famous blogs around the web and you may want to find what theme they use.Steps to find out which WordPress theme is used

In this article, I will take you through the steps to find out the used theme.

2 Sites to find which WordPress theme a blog is using.

  1. WPThemeDetector – Go to this site and enter the URL of the blog for which you want to find what theme it uses. It shows the theme name and also, other information like web hosting provider, major plugins used etc.
    • The following screenshot shows the result for Theme Detected
    • Yes, we are using Avada WordPress theme.
    • Yet another screenshot below shows the additional information:more information about wp theme
    • It correctly shows that we are using SiteGround hosting service.
  2. ScanWP – This is similar to the WPThemeDetector, all you have to just enter the URL of the blog and click Detect. It shows the theme information, plugin information.
    • The following screenshot shows that BlashO is built with Avada :Using avada theme on BlashO

Finding the WordPress theme is simple, you can go to or, enter the URL and it shows which WordPress theme the site uses.

Manually finding the WordPress theme from the source code itself.

Apart from using the above-mentioned sites, you can also manually find out which theme a blog is using directly from the source code.

  • The easiest way is to visit the URL, right click on your browser, select View Page Source and then search for “/themes/”. You will be able to find the theme name following this text. For example, you will be seeing like “/themes/Avada” for

This is nothing but the path to the WordPress “themes” folder which is placed under /wp-content/ directory of your WordPress blog.find the theme name from source code

By looking at the source code, you can find out which theme is used provided the name of the theme folder is not changed.

  • For example, if I kept the folder “/themes/Avada” as “/themes/mytheme” then you may not be able to find out the theme name.

Further, you can also find it from the stylesheet .css file (style.css). Just search for style.css, click on it and you will be able to see the header comment with the theme name.

The following example header shows that the theme “twenty fifteen” is used in a blog:

Theme Name: Twenty Fifteen
Theme URI:
Author: the WordPress team
Author URI:

In case, if the CSS files are minified and combined, you may not be able to see the header comment which shows the theme name. In that case, you can use the WPThemeDetector to find out the theme used as mentioned earlier.

  • Design Inspiration is always good.
  • It works personally for you and also, for a business.
  • However, you should also make sure you are not just copying what others are doing. Instead, you should have a unique style of yours in order to stand out from the crowd.

I hope by following these methods, you are able to find the WordPress theme used on any WordPress blog.

BlashO is powered by the Avada theme and in case, if you are inspired by its design you can see the full demo from here.

I have also used Elegant themes earlier, they have a very good collection of premium themes to make your own choice.

Let me know, how do you find a theme? Are there any other methods that I missed?


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