WordPress generates an unique Identifier for each item you create. It may be a blog post, page, category or even an user. Most of the time, we may need to find post ID especially it will be required when setting up a plugin.

As a beginner, when I started a WordPress blog the first time, I was also looking for where to find the post ID of a blog post or page.

As a developer, I understood that WordPress identifies each item in the blog using an unique ID and it can be fetched using the API get_the_ID().

To make it clear, I have identified there are 2 methods to find the post ID.How to find post/page id in wordpress blog?

The first method, you can directly find it from the post/page edit section and the second method, using a WordPress plugin.

Method#1 : Find Post/Page ID from Edit Page.

  1. Login to WordPress blog’s dashboard.
  2. Go to Posts > All Posts.
  3. Click Edit on the blog post for which you want to find the ID.
  4. You can see a number on the URL.
  5. The following example shows the post ID as 12753.

find the post id in WordPress URL

Similarly, when you edit a Page (go to Pages > All Pages > Edit) – you can see the Page ID on the URL.

Method#2 : Find Using Reveal IDs WordPress Plugin

This second method is simple and you can easily find post ID using Reveal IDs plugin.

Follow the below steps:

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New.
  3. Search for “Reveals IDs”, click Install and then click Activate.
  4. Now go to Posts > All Posts, you can see the IDs listed on the page as follows:

Using Reveals ID plugin

Video from BlashO’s YouTube Channel, how to find post/page ID:

I hope this post helps you to locate the post/page IDs in your WordPress blog.

My suggestion, you don’t need a WordPress plugin for this – you can just locate it from the Edit page URL anytime.

It’s Simple.



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