What is Feed in WordPress? Meaning of Feed

//What is Feed in WordPress? Meaning of Feed

A feed is a series of posts or content pieces. It gets updated when new content is published. The main advantage of a feed is that users who subscribe to feeds of a blog will be aware of the latest posts or content as soon as it is published.

A feed reader will collate all new content in the different blogs that a user is interested in and delivers it to the user in one place. The user need not visit each blog to check for updated content.What is Feed in WordPress? Meaning of Feed

All WordPress blogs have feeds. Visitors to your WordPress blog can subscribe to the feeds. This way their feed reader will deliver them the latest content from your blog.

Feeds in WordPress are generated in different formats – RSS, RDF, and Atom. Feeds in WordPress blogs are created automatically. If feeds are to be disabled, the blog has to be marked as “private” in Settings in the Dashboard. Configurations related to the amount of text to be shown in feed and number of posts to be sent in the feed can also be set here.

The URLs to the feeds can be given to people for the subscription. The URLs are different for different feed readers and different types of content.

Feedburner is one such famous feed reader and here is the BlashO’s feed.

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