Running a blog is simple but making a successful blog is Tougher. Without doing any experiments, you could not simply sit with your blog for making money. I started a blog and I am writing great blog posts every day, in the end there are no growth and development. No Income from blogging. The ultimate reason for this situation, you are behind the “Safer Zone”.

No one will notice your blog unless you show them that you are here to rock. Basically, you have to market the blog to great extent. Even a small business gets “Grand Look” by means of effective marketing (Ever great marketers like Evan has the same thoughts here). Experiments are the major component in all kind of business marketing strategies, that too applicable for blogs. Here are the few areas you must experiment with your blog in order to get into the “Success Zone”.

Experiment It...

Experiment It…

Blog Traffic Experiments.

Bringing traffic to your blog is the greatest effort of any blogger. Yes, traffic is the source of blog income. And more traffic creates more exposure to your blog in Internet to become popular. It depends on the source of traffic. Search Engines are the major source of blog traffic. You have to experiment with SEO as a first step. SEO is an “Experimental Technique” which has effect for every action you take today.

  • Change your link building Strategy, find out new source of links and work to gain high quality back links from authority sites.
    Jump out from the usual method of link building and this time link from a high traffic web page. You will get back link as well as high referral traffic to your blog (two fruits with one stone) πŸ™‚
  • Blogs are more dynamic and it leads to altering keyword density whenever you update. Hence you could see your site dancing on the SERP many times (thats one of the reason). Experiment by adding a static content to the top or side of your blog. Induce the keywords in your static content, see the results in SERP.
  • Experiment with back link frequency, increase the ratio of back link by creating +10 more links each day and see how your site goes up or down in SERP.

Keep the experimentation towards SEO as the first step and bring in more sources of traffic from variety of other web sites. Finally, you could Get more Search Traffic as well as Referral Traffic.

Income Source Experiments.

Bringing great traffic to your blog is not enough to see great income. You have to apply, “Optimized Monetization Strategy”. That means, based on the niche/market as well as based on the targeted reader you have to monetize your blog.

  • For example, blog which doesn’t gets Buyer Traffic never makes you sales, its worth only for CPC based Ad revenue. Experiment here by choosing more than 1 income source and rotate them around to measure the results for a weeks period.
  • Another example, select 3 best affiliate products in your market, promote in your blog. At the same time find out another product, replace one with another, measure the results after few days. Tweak again and again, finally you will having only profitable products in your hand. That’s the effects of Experimentation.

Always try variety of methods to monetize your blog, nothing will go wrong. Do more experiments every day !

Blog “Network” Experiments.

Blogging is “Caring”, the well known statement. Blogging is “Networking” too. Yes, with the high impacting growth of social media tools like Twitter and Facebook, you could easily build a network around your blog. Your traffic and a professional touch of your blog, brings in more regular readers. Once they are networked to your blog, you will get Repeat visitors always (so called “Customers”).

  • Don’t hesitate to ask the readers to join your listing. Try out different methods or styles in asking the reader for subscription.
  • For example, recently I added pop up based window, asking the visitors to subscribe. In a month, my blog reached ~200 readers (it was only 30 readers 2 months back), i distributed free ebooks for subscribers as gift too.

That’s the effect of experiments. Similarly, ask the visitors to join you on Twitter and Facebook. These tools are advantageous that you could ping every one as quick as possible and bring them back to your blog instantly any time.


Experiments are part of every business and its marketing scheme. Without experiments, your blog won’t grow and it lays down like a wet blanket. Experiments make your blog into success in terms of increase in traffic, increase in blog income and getting networked with your readers.

Do experiments, do more experiments ! Experiments are part of business (blogging’s) life πŸ˜‰



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