What is Excerpt in WordPress? Meaning of Excerpt

//What is Excerpt in WordPress? Meaning of Excerpt

An excerpt is a type of content that can be added to the WordPress blog posts. It is used as a summary of a blog post or generally, the abstract of a blog post.What is Excerpt in WordPress? Meaning of Excerpt

There are three ways of enabling excerpts in WordPress:

  • Manual Excerpts – This is created by the user and placed manually on the blog page or blog post as an excerpt. From programming perspective, the API add_post_type_support( ‘page’, ‘excerpt’ ) helps to achieve it. When you create a page or edit a page, you will see a text box where a custom excerpt can be added. If it is not seen, enable it in the Screen Options section.
  • Automated Excerpts – An excerpt of 55 words is auto-generated if a manual excerpt is not provided. The default limit can be changed. Almost every WordPress theme supports this automated excerpt, in fact, Avada theme supports too.
  • More Tag Excerpts – An excerpt can be created by using <!–more–> tag within the post. It inserts a dashed —–MORE—– line in the post wherever the mouse cursor currently is present. The More Tag can be added by clicking on the ‘Insert Read More tag’ button in the blog post editor. The line can be dragged to a different place. The readers can see only the text above the MORE link. Only when they click the MORE link, they can read further.
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