What is Emoji in WordPress? Meaning of Emoji

//What is Emoji in WordPress? Meaning of Emoji

Emoji means picture character. They are used to denote different emotions and symbols. Emojis are very popular and can be used in posts and pages to increase their appeal. WordPress supports emojis.What is Emoji in WordPress? Meaning of Emoji

In different environments, users have to use emojis in a different manner in the blog post/page editor:

  • Mac users can insert an emoji by using the buttons: Command + Control + Space to get a list of emojis. They can then select the ones they want.
  • Windows users on version 8 or higher versions have a virtual keyboard that supports emojis. It can be set up from here: Toolbar – Touch Keyboardย or Taskbar – Show Touch Keyboard Button.
  • Windows users on version 7 and below can copy/paste emojis.

In general, Wp-emoji.js, twemoji.js are the Javascript files used for converting older emojis to colored emoji files.

The easiest way to enable emojis is to login WP admin dashboard, go to Settings โ€“ Writing and check the box for ‘Convert emoticons like ๐Ÿ™‚ and ๐Ÿ˜› to graphics on display’ as shown in the screenshot. Then if the user types in the right combination of letters, the relevant emoji will appear.How to enable Emoji in WordPress?


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