I have made a huge list of promo codes that will be helpful to get varieties of discounts. We all know about DreamHost one of the best web hosting provider in the world, when compared to other low quality hosting providers.

DreamHost is better in terms of features, support, reliability.

It is also one of the fastest growing hosting platforms which have about 1500K+ websites hosted online.

When it comes to web hosting, we have to look into various factors and features into consideration. Because it’s a critical decision in your web development effort as well as in your business presence online.

You get different options to choose like: Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting.

If you are looking for a DreamHost promo code then you are in the right page. I have a bunch of promo codes, you could choose based on your requirements and there are varieties of discount + Free products offered.

The following table shows the list of DreamHost promo code for this year 2017 & you could take discounts through-out this year by using these promo code’s whenever you place an order/purchase with DreamHost….

  • Note: If any of the promo code doesn’t work (maybe that’s country restriction) – You could use the promo code WORKING and take $50 as standard discount.
Promo CodeHosting PeriodYour DiscountFree Products Offered
DHPRO502 Years$60NA
DHDOMYearly$451 extra FREE lifetime domain name
DHDOM2 Years$501 extra FREE lifetime domain name
DHDOM2Yearly$402 extra FREE lifetime domain names
DHDOM22 Years$452 extra FREE lifetime domain names
DH1BY1YearlyNA1 extra FREE lifetime domain name + 1 extra FREE lifetime unique IP
DH1BY12 YearsNA1 extra FREE lifetime domain name + 1 extra FREE lifetime unique IP
DHDOM3Yearly$103 extra FREE lifetime domain names
DHDOM32 Years$153 extra FREE lifetime domain names
DHDOM4YearlyNA4 extra FREE lifetime domain names
DHDOM42 YearsNA4 extra FREE lifetime domain names
DH1BY2YearlyNA1 extra FREE lifetime domain name + 2 extra FREE lifetime unique IPs
DH1BY22 YearsNA1 extra FREE lifetime domain name + 2 extra FREE lifetime unique IPs
DHUIPYearly$471 extra FREE lifetime unique IP
DHUIP2 Years$571 extra FREE lifetime unique IP
DHMAXY2 Years$70NA
DHDOMOREYearly$201 extra FREE lifetime unique IP
DHDOMORE2 Years$301 extra FREE lifetime unique IP
WORKINGAny$50If none of the above code works

Just copy the promo code and use it, whenever you do a purchase.

Hope these promo codes are helpful and you are able to get the discounts on your DreamHost purchase.

If any of the above promo code doesn’t work, please me know by adding a comment to the end of this article. I will try to fix the issue by checking the validity of the promo code.

Further, I would recommend you to bookmark this page (press ctrl+D) so that you could quickly get the promo codes whenever you do a DreamHost purchase. You don’t need to search again and again, looking for working promo codes. Make your job simple, dude!

Find all the DreamHost features here.

For those, who are not familiar with DreamHost, I would recommend you to go through this article. Otherwise, if you already have enough knowledge about DreamHost, please stop reading this article….

Okay, let’s see more about DreamHost web hosting…

DreamHost Unlimited Disk Storage.

The most important factor of a web hosting account is the Disk Storage.

DreamHost offers unlimited storage that means, there are no restrictions on the size of data that you keep in the web server.

If you are a beginner, you must know that exact meaning of Unlimited storage.

  • Up to 50GB its free-to-use and when it exceeds beyond 50GB you have to pay 10 cents for a GB per month. Basically, you are not limited to use beyond 50 GB and hence they are saying it as, “Unlimited + 50 GB” disk storage.
  • Unlimited is unlimited, you don’t need to worry about the storage size.
  • More information about unlimited policy here.

Unlimited Data Transfer.

Once your website is up, DreamHost allows unlimited data transfer or bandwidth.

That means, no matter how many visitors coming to your website or how many bytes of data transferred from the server or to the server, you won’t be charged.

All the servers are loaded with Solid state drives (SSD) that means, pages may load faster than normal.

DreamHost Db/Protocol Supports.

You get MySQL databases and that’s well enough to setup a great website or  a WordPress based blog.

The file protocols supported are SSH/FTP/SFTP etc through which you could upload/download your data to the web server.

Like any other web hosting service, DreamHost offers IMAP/POP/SMTP support and hence you could setup email based applications too. There is a web-based email service where you could operate your websites email which looks like [email protected]

They have a simple vacation auto-responder too.

The following are the programming languages supported by DreamHost.

  • PHP5 Support
  • Perl Support
  • Python Support
  • Full Unix Shell
  • Crontab Access
  • Full CGI Access
  • Ruby On Rails
  • CVS Repository
  • Canned CGI Scripts
  • Server Side Includes (SSI)
  • Subversion Repository (SVN)

I think, for a website generally won’t use all these programming language, we may use 1 or 2 only. This is a huge list and better cross check with your web developers (like which programming language is required?) before you opt to pick DreamHost’s service.

Further, DreamHost supports IPv6 addressing as well as Secured Socket Layer (SSL) access and for that you have to set up a unique/dedicated IP address for your website.

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Data Backup Feature.

DreamHost has database backup service which is more important for a web hosting service because when you face any downside in your website, you have to restore from the backup only.

DreamHost periodically takes backup of all the files stored in their web server and you could restore them back anytime. Looks there are no additional costs for the backup service. That’s great.

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You Own DreamHost Promo Codes.

As a DreamHost user, you could create your own Promo Codes as an affiliate. Interestingly, you could earn commission for the sale that you drive.

Long back, I discussed how to create DreamHost promo code? I would recommend you to go through that article.

At least, you could refer others to DreamHost to support your own web sites. You could use your affiliate earnings to pay DreamHost bills directly. Using promo code may help to boost your blog income.

DreamHost Application-Specific Features.

It has WebDAV, an application/editor used to edit files directly from your DreamHost login, you don’t need to download-edit-upload, you could directly edit files on the server. It also captures the visitor statistics and you could access to the logs anytime which details the information about visitors who are coming to your website daily.

It has the real time streaming of A/V support. Using this feature, you could link to .rm files and it will be streamed from the server directly to the user who uses Real Player.

DreamHost also supports QuickTime streaming.

The famous one-click application install helps you to quickly setup content management system as well as other applications on your web hosting.

The following are the famous application supported by DreamHost:

  • WordPress, Gallery, PhpGedView, Pligg, dotProject, Moodle, Joomla, phpBB, MediaWiki, WebCalendar, Advanced Poll, and Trac.
  • If you are first-time setups a blog, you can go through my steps on how to create a blog?

Further, when you buy a web hosting package from DreamHost, you will get $100 credit on Google Adwords.

You could quickly advertise your new website using the credit.

Technical/Customer Support.

Dreamhost Signup

Signup Here !

DreamHost has a technical support team which works to address all your queries/issues. Like any other web hosting, they have 24/7 support as well as promising 100% up time.

Interestingly, they have 97-day money back guarantee that means, if you are not satisfied with DreamHost service (in the first 97 days), you could get your money back.

Always, you could utilize the DreamHost Wiki as well as the DreamHost Forum to quickly clear your doubts and to understand more about DreamHost web hosting service.

As I mentioned earlier, please bookmark this page and you could use the DreamHost promo code listed here anytime for this year 2017. Let me know, if you find any of the promo codes not working, I will correct it immediately.

The following videos may help you to quickly ramp up with DreamHost…

Use Promo Code, Take Discounts, Happy Hosting !

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