If you’re an article writer, you may have found yourself tripping over your own text and getting tangled up in the logic of some parts of your articles. You may also have found yourself writing articles about things like finance courses and well behind the eight ball with your facts. Bluntly, if you’re an article writer, you’ve got quite a minefield to get through, and if you want business, you have to get yourself well organized.

  • There are some major Don’ts in article writing, from the basic to the critical content quality issues. All writers have to go through the Don’ts before they truly mature, so it’s a good career move to learn how to recognize and deal with the issues ASAP ?

Content Basics Don’ts.

Content can be described as the solid elements in any article. The text is crucial to your writing skills development, and these are the primary elements:

A Beautiful Writer...

A Beautiful Writer...

  1. Flow in context: Articles hang on every word and every sentence. Don’t allow non sequiteurs and syntax errors to interfere. Write at whatever speed works to ensure you can keep an eye on the “sabotage” elements in your text.
  2. Clarity: Don’t use vague content. What’s clear to you may not make sense to readers. Writers tend to use associative logic, and like jokes, some people don’t get that logic. Make sure your statements are clear as possible.
  3. Idea development: Don’t allow yourself to get lost in your text and lose track of your ideas. From logic comes extended logic, and the potential for misinterpretation and gaps which effectively lose the readers. You can also lose your own logical sequence if you’re not careful.
  4. Information content: Information is useful content, in whatever area you’re dealing with. Ask yourself if the information you’re using has a value to readers. If not, don’t use it. You instantly devalue your work.
  5. Readability: This isn’t about “readability” in terms of technical writing. What’s read is what’s worth reading. That’s a major quality issue, so don’t skimp on the good value writing.
  6. Unique content: For SEO and content value, rehashing is a major Don’t for all writers. “Recycling”, however well done, is low value material you can’t use in a portfolio, and has very low value for readers and clients.

Writing Style Don’ts.

Style is personal, and all experienced writers learn to blend their style strengths with the content quality issues. You can train yourself to use them very effectively.

The Don’ts with style are quite unambiguous:

  1. Expression: Don’t go nuts with expression at the client’s expense. What may seem hilarious to you may be a lawsuit for them. Keep the client’s best interests in mind at all times.
  2. Stay on topic: Don’t go off topic in the name of style, particularly in commercial articles. Stay focused!
  3. Tone: Don’t write from the gut level at the expense of the content. When expressing an opinion, tone can go off the rails. You can trash an entire article in one sentence, and wind up with what should be an unnecessary conversation with the editor on why you lost it.

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