We cannot live without Reading. Reading is part of our life. Most of the time, you will be reading what you love, what you want to learn. Reading is a habit for many, including me.

Like writing for BlashO, I used to read a lot around the web.

Most of the time, I will find out great stuff to read by simply doing a Google search.

Personally, I don’t like to read hard books.

In fact, I hate to turn pages on books. Google search and finding new blogs or sites are the way I read almost every day.

Reading is a good habit. It has a lot of advantages like: your knowledge improves, you become stress-free, you learn new stuff, you spend good time etc.

However, there are certain cases where you may not have to read too much. Especially, if you are into something deep or if you are focused on something deep – it’s not really required to read more always.

1. You May Lose Your Focus and Get Distracted.

Reading consumes time (that’s a good part).

Not only time, it can trigger your mind to think a lot more stuff other than what you think now. It can certainly distract your mind.

For example, you may be having a vision and goal from your own thoughts. However, when you read more about something (over read) then you may get distracted from your focus.Reading may lead to distraction or stress

2. You “Over Look” Simple Stuff.

It happens most of the time. You may have enough knowledge about something in deep.

However, when you overlook it by reading lot more about it – you may even see simple stuff as complex.

Reading more has this bad side-effect that you may lose the big picture of simple things that you already know.You Over Look Simple Stuffs

3. You May End-Up Reading “Useless” Stuffs.

When reading becomes a habit, you can’t stop it. This may lead to reading all useless stuff around you.

For example, you may search for some required information and you may end up reading something else which may be a useless stuff.

This happens most of the time with social networks like facebook where you will end up reading something useless at the end.You May End-Up Reading Useless Stuffs

4. You May Think Simple, on Complex Stuffs.

When you read more, you may see complex stuff as simple.

This won’t be helpful always.

You will end up, thinking simple, however, the real stuff may be a complex one. This way, you will fail to be productive and this naturally kills the progress.

This is something related to over-confidence – where you think you can easily, however it may be beyond yourself.You May Think Simple on Complex Stuffs

5. Creates Mental Stress and Confusion to You.

When you read more, it may lead to confusion. This happens when you are not taking proper breaks.

If you are over-reading something, naturally it creates stress in your mind. It may lead to confusion and depression.

This happens most of the time when you are dealing with situational issues.

You will expect a solution, however when you read more on it – you will end up with stress and confusion.Creates Mental Stress and Confusion

6. You May “Fear of Failure”.

This happens when you are towards a goal. When it comes to goal, it’s all about Mindset. When you have a strong mindset, you can very well proceed towards your goal.

When you over read something related to your goal, you may start fearing – you end up thinking about failures.

This directly affects your productivity and stops you from moving forward.You May Fear of Failure

7. You May Become Lazy & Sleepy.

When you read more and for long time, you may feel lazy. You feel sleepy also (irrespective of what time). You can’t be active afterwards and you won’t be able to think properly.

At this situation, you can’t even decide on anything or quickly make a decision.

Because, you are down.

This happens when you are reading more and not always. At night times, it’s good to see you sleepy.You May Become Lazy & Sleepy

The Virtuous Circle of “Good Reader”.

Take a moment to watch the below SlideShare presentation.

The page-5 has a diagram about the Good reader.

It says that a good reader is a one who follows the below step:

Enjoys Reading > Reads Faster > Reads More > Understands Better.

A good reader has to read more. However, the last point is “Understands Better”.

When a good reader just reads without understanding, that’s the trouble and all the above-mentioned problems may arise.

This is purely dependent on individuals capability and knowledge.

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Reading is good until you understand what you are reading and what you are taking into your mind.

If you are a person who can easily get affected by reading something then think again before you read something new.

Ask these questions.

Is it relevant to me? Do I have to take this into my mind? This can affect me?

Happy Reading.


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