So you are looking to start and build a website from scratch. That’s a great decision you have made and i believe you have great ideas in mind. Good luck for your new start up. Owning a website for business is good but from the another side, there are few disadvantages for building a web site from scratch. This article reveals the disadvantages involved in starting a brand new website and to bring that to the great level of success.

In practical, building a great web site needs more hard work and right marketing approach. Its basically a long term approach which needs considerable amount of Time, Money & Knowledge as investment. So think twice before make a move. Lets see those 4 major disadvantages.

Wow...Building Websites Is Fun ?

Wow…Building Websites Is Fun ?

Investing More Start up Work.

The toughest part is the start up. You have to plan everything from scratch. Your web sites design, content, categories, standouts, banners, logos, products and much more. The list grows bigger and if you want to make a successful site then you have to pay attention to everything. Either you start a web site for hobby or as a business, you have to plan well. And interestingly, you have to bring your brand new site in front of the audience. You have to show the world that your site is up and running.

Uniqueness & building a brand plays a major role here because you should not become 1000+1th usual web site. You should stand out from competition in order to give a great start up towards success.

Are you ready to invest that much amount of work ?

SEO Is Long Term Approach.

Search engines are playing the major role in driving traffic to your website. Even my blog gains 80% of its traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. Because of the reason, search engines are stupid you have to optimize your web site for search engines. Thats SEO. Its a long term approach and you could not see the results quicker. It takes days, week, months and years to become search engine’s closer friend. You have to market your site for search engines especially with on-page optimization and in gaining quality incoming links.

Are you ready to wait for months/years to see SEO results ?

Hard To Build Visitor Community.

Yet another toughest part is building a community around your web site. Satisfied visitors are the one who stays with your web site. So you have to work towards satisfying the visitors need and thats the base for building a visitor community around your web site. In practical, you have to gain more number of targeted followers on Twitter, Facebook, RSS, E-mail subscriptions and other social media/web 2.0 tools. Do you think this happens in a day or month ?

Are you ready to wait and see that community around your site ?

Monetizing Efforts.

So you are dieing hard to drive traffic to your new web site. And you have to convert that traffic into money. Its a foolish way, if you try to make money without traffic. Many webmasters are monetizing their site from the day one. I don’t have a believe in that rule. Keep money aside and work for driving great traffic, thats my rule. Also, you may not be able to earn money from the day one and especially on the start up duration. This hardly depends on the type of web site you operate either a information blog or a service based web site. Service based websites may earn you money from the day one but information blogs are in opposite. You have to work for content, then traffic comes and then money rolls in.

Now again, are you ready to work and wait for this much time to build a web site ?

Why don’t you buy an established web site ? Thats a great alternative, if you are looking to build a web site from scratch. I have identified the Advantages of buying a website than building a website from scratch. Think twice before you take a good decision.

Good Luck !

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