Are you blogging on a high competition niche or topic ? Or looking to start a brand new blog on a highly competitive niche. Then put a pause and let your mind to think the disadvantages first.

Because if you start today with a curiosity, you may suffer in the future struggling to gain an authority to your blog. Lets see the disadvantages of blogging on a highly competition niche.

High Demand High Supply.

If a niche is having highly competition then the meaning is it has higher demand. At the same, it has higher supply too. Internet is for information seekers. And when there is more supply for an information then there comes competition. It requires more hard work and being unique to face huge competition. When you are an individual trying to attack a high competition niche, for sure you have to do something unique.

But when you decide your way as unique, you may find somebody else doing the same the next day. You cannot protect anything that you are thinking unique. You cannot even find a unique way to stand out from the competition because every one wants to be unique. So its really becomes hard to face the market in unique way.

See The Competition Sadness !

See The Competition Sadness !

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Frozen Keywords for SEO.

Keywords are the most important factor that you have to decide for your blog and to drive traffic. And you have to attack for those keywords especially for the search engine traffic. But when you fix a keyword for your blog, you will see there are 1000+ blogs already targeting those keywords. If you see the first 10 sites on Google first page, you will know the level of competition (even after 50 or 100 results).

One good example is the “make money online” niche which is drastically crowded with established blogs/sites. So its definitely hard to target that keyword on your new blog. Even going for long term keywords may not work out with these kind of niches because every one already picked their keywords !

You are left with nothing to target. Even sometimes, you can’t make a title for a blog post. You will make one post title and if you search Google you will see more number of blog posts already written. It will be really hard to name a title for a blog post too.

I believe even search engines will go mad on such high competition niches because even it doesn’t decides which blog or content is good ! Its funny if you see the crowds.Β  πŸ™‚

More Content But Less Traffic.

When there is more competition, what needs to be done ? You will think and finally try to produce more compelling content on your blog. But even then most of the time, a well established blog may override you on those keywords. And the end result more content with less traffic or NIL traffic. This happens on highly crowded topics. Even I have realized more on this niche. Thats the major disadvantage of highly competitive niches, you are pushed to make content but you will quite soon with no results.

Then why do you select such niche ? Think twice, think thrice !!! Don’t waste your time.

Instead, go for moderate or low competition niche, produce quality content, dominate, drive more traffic and make more money ! That’s the quick secret of successful blogging.

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  1. But it is hard to finding a low competition niche πŸ™

    • Ven Tesh - Reply

      Thanks right, James.

      However, if you are able to find a trending topic the competition will be low-to-moderate because not everyone will be in that niche very soon. If that is the case, you have to reach the market ahead or as quick as possible.

  2. You are absolutely right bro. I am trying to start my new blog but everything is just getting in the way. Competition is too much. I am totally frustrated now.

    • Ven Tesh - Reply

      Hey Jatin, It has the advantage also like you can easily reach a larger audience. The only way to compete with high competition is being focused on a specific topic/problem. Don’t be frustrated instead plan for it. Good Luck.

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