If you are getting this error: Destination Folder Already Exists then you are on the right page.

This is a most common error in WordPress which comes whenever you install a WordPress plugin or theme. In this article, I will take you through the steps to simply fix this error without any hassles.Folder Already Exists Error

Why do you get destination folder already exists?

WordPress stores all the plugins and themes in your web hosting space. Every WordPress plugin or theme is placed in its own directory.

Let’s say, if you are installing the broken link checker plugin, it will be installed under the folder /wp-content/plugins/broken-link-checker/. Mostly the name of the plugin will be folder name. When you install the plugin, a new folder will be created and the contents of the plugin or theme will be copied inside it.

In case, if the folder is already available on your server then WordPress gives an error saying: destination folder already exists.

  • The error is self-descriptive and yes, it says the expected folder is already created & available on the server.

This may occur because of the following reasons:

  • a plugin or theme installed, however, it is not fully installed because of an exception or issue and the folder is created with or without any contents
  • a plugin or theme uninstalled, however, it is not fully uninstalled because of an exception or issue and the folder created earlier was not deleted or left with empty contents

In general, the error looks as below in the screenshot:destination folder already exists error in WordPress blog - plugin or theme installation failed

How to fix destination folder already exists error?

I hope you must be seeing a similar error on your blog as shown above.

Let’s see the steps to fix it:

  1. Login to your web hosting account.
  2. Navigate to the Cpanel.
  3. Open the File Manager.
  4. Go to the folder /wp-content/plugins.
  5. You can locate the plugin folder name. For example, the “broken-link-checker” folder.
  6. Select the folder and click Delete.
  7. Now try to install the plugin again on your WordPress dashboard in the usual method.
  8. Solved. Now you will be able to install the plugin successfully

Note: In case, if you are facing the same error with a WordPress theme then you have to locate the theme folder (under /wp-content/themes/).

The following screenshot from SiteGround file manager shows how to delete an existing folder to fix this error:fix for folder exists error

Once deleted, you can go to your WordPress dashboard and try to re-install the plugin or theme in the usual way – this time it will work without any issues.

Let me know if you are able to fix this error or not. In case, if you fix this error using a different method, please update in the comment section, it will be helpful to other WordPress users.


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