If you’re monetising your blog, or planning on doing it in the future, then it’s worth thinking about how the design of your blog could affect your conversion rates. So, why is design so crucial? In order to maximise your conversion rates you have to give your users exactly what they want, and present this information in a clear and understanding way. Having a compelling and attractive design that allows for your key message to be read quickly is vital.

Before you begin thinking about your design, it’s worth considering exactly what your conversion is. This could be many things ranging from clicks on adverts through to RSS feed subscriptions. Whatever your conversion, make sure you understand exactly what it is you are trying to convince people to do.

I believe that a good design should aid conversions in following three ways:

Grab People’s Attention

Your design should be able to grab people’s attention straight away. This doesn’t mean going overboard with loads of animations and so on; however it should be attractive enough to convince people that you are a trust worthy resource. Building trust with people online is extremely difficult, but a good looking design will make this job a lot easier.

If you have a blog that’s about as ugly as a pig, it might be putting people off before they even get the chance to read your content.

Allow Space For Your Message

If you are commissioning a designer to create a theme, make sure they understand your goals. It’s crucial that your design allows enough space to get your key messages across to people instantly. If for example you are trying to get your visitors to click on adverts; make sure that your ads are positioned prominently on the page.

On a similar note if you are trying to encourage RSS subscribers or social sharing, make sure you’re social buttons and subscribe buttons are prominent and easy to find. Nothing should be left to chance, and your designer should know exactly what elements to promote.

Here in BlashO, Avada WordPress theme helps to quickly customize the design without any coding knowledge or without any need to hire a web designer.

Guide People Through

Remember that your visitors will probably view your website in a completely different light to you. If it’s your own project, sometimes in can be quite difficult to think about how your content may appear from your user’s point of view.

Your design should make the job of navigating your website one of ease and simplicity. Making use of appropriate buttons and other design factors, the journey through your blog should be obvious right from the first impression through to the conversion.

You should be now know exactly what you want your readers to do, so use your design to make this easy for them.

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