The first look matters. Do your blog attract first-time visitors? Do your blog show that it looks professional? The “Look and Feel” matters a lot more than you think. When it comes to blog design, Simplicity is everything.

Simplicity in design has a lot of power. It has the ability to achieve and get, what you want from your blog?Design Best Look and Feel For Your Blog (In 3 Steps)

When I started blogging several years back, I was not at all bothered about the blog design. I was satisfied with the default design that comes with WordPress and all I thought that: I got a platform-to-blog, I got a platform-to-publish.

However, when time goes and experience built, it started realizing the importance of blog design.

In fact, I strongly believe that simplicity in design works great. I always want to keep things as much as simple. If you are searching for a design to your new blog or looking to re-design your old blog, no matter – the steps that I am going to show you today will help you definitely.

For BlashO, these are the exact steps that I followed to bring this simple yet powerful and elegant design.

The process is not so complex and interestingly, you don’t even need to do any programming stuff. However, if you want to understand some basics of HTML coding that would be great.

Step #1 – Identify The Purpose of Your Blog and Its Design.

The foremost step you have to take is, find out the design purpose.

And, the purpose of your blog.

You can easily identify this by answering the below questions:

  • What are you going to achieve from your blog?
  • How are you planning to make money from your blog?
  • What do you expect your visitors to do when they land on your blog?
  • What are all the important or required stuff that you want to show on your blog?

If you have pretty clear answers then go ahead to the next step.

In case, if you are not clear take your own time and try to answer it first. If you are clear at this step then everything else will be simple and you will be focused. You can achieve, whatever you want from your blog.

I wanted to promote products for bloggers and hence I want to attract bloggers who are interested in WordPress – Traffic – Money. I know, what are all the problems I am trying to solve for my readers. I know why I created this blog?

I know, at least what I am going to do with this blog?

This way, it helped a lot for me to customize the design of my blog.

It’s not the matter of over-confidence instead it’s about being clear and focused.

Step #2 – Simply, Buy a Premium WordPress Theme.

The simplest step.

There are lots of ways to find themes for your WordPress blog. I wrote a decent article earlier which may help you to find the best theme for your blog.

You can read more about: Where to Download Professionally Designed Theme For Your WordPress Blog?

I recommend you to buy a premium WordPress Theme for your blog. Because you can easily bring a professional look and feel in few minutes.

Avada theme is the one I am using here in BlashO and I am a frequent buyer from Themeforest.

You can also go for the Elegant theme to find decent designs for your blog.

And, you don’t need to worry about dirty theme coding, if you are going to these premium themes.

Step #3 – Customize The Look and Feel To Achieve Your Purpose.

One of the hardest step.

There’s no way, you have to tightly sit and work here. This is dependent on your theme and its options. When you buy a premium theme, make sure it has all the necessary options to customize the look & feel of your requirements. In case of Avada, it has more than 100’s of options and without touching source code you can customize the design.

Since you know the real purpose of your blog, you can easily customize what are all the important pages or widgets to setup.

  • For example, if you want to promote a specific product or service from your blog, you can use your homepage for triggering “actions”. Actions are something like: buy button, E-Mail sign up box etc.
  • Yet another example, you can reserve a spot to show any offers or discounts either on the homepage or on the sidebar.

The following infographic shows the anatomy of an effective homepage.Infographic showing how to design your blog's homepage

Hope its helpful to you.


Having a great blog design always helps you to achieve your goals. If you are a serious blogger then you must consider every aspect of your blog and make your design.

For BlashO, I have made this design with all the primary aspects of my blogging goals in mind. This way, I will be more confident in what I am doing and over-a-period of time, it will be worth every effort.

Design requirements vary from blog-to-blog and you have to find what you need + you have to experiment it. This way, you can continuously improve your blog’s design.

To keep it simple:

  • identify the purpose of your blog
  • buy a premium design like Avada theme or from Elegant theme
  • customize or setup the best design to fulfill the purpose of your blog

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