What is Database in WordPress? Meaning of Database

//What is Database in WordPress? Meaning of Database

A database is a storage place where the actual data is stored. You can extract data, view data, process data and input data in a database. There are different database systems – Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2 etc. WordPress uses MySQL as its database.

MySQL is an open source database management system (DBMS). When you install WordPress, you need to install MySQL as well. Posts, Pages, comments, user information, site URLs etc. are stored in tables inside the MySQL database.

WordPress uses PHP to interact with the database. SQL queries are written within the PHP code to access data in the MySQL database.What is Database in WordPress? Meaning of Database

There are 10+ tables that are core to WordPress in a single site installation. Here is a list of the tables and a short description of information stored in them:

  1. wp_comments – Comments and their information
  2. wp_commentmeta – Additional Information related to comments
  3. wp_links – Links on the blogroll
  4. wp_options – Configuration settings
  5. wp_posts – Posts, menu items, pages and media attachments
  6. wp_postmeta – Additional information on posts
  7. wp_terms – Categories and Tags
  8. wp_term_relationships – Relationships between Terms and Posts
  9. wp_term_taxonomy – Taxonomy details of terms
  10. wp_users – User management information.
  11. wp_usermeta – Additional information of users

Users can create and manage custom defined tables as well.

phpMyAdmin is an open source web application that can be used to manage MySQL databases with a GUI. The tool phpMyAdmin allows performing many database functions such as:

  • Browse tables
  • Insert data
  • Delete data
  • Drop tables
  • Create backups
  • Optimize and repair tables
  • Database administration tasks like managing credentials and managing admin users etc.
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