WordPress plugins had become a part of blogging life. Without plugins, I couldn’t imagine that BlashO is up and running. In fact, every WordPress blog is powered by numerous plugins each serving its own purpose.

At the same time, the WordPress dashboard is the place where we all spend most of our time managing our blog. Right from publishing new posts or pages to managing a theme or setting up plugins, the dashboard is the control center of our blog.

Always the dashboard is filled with numerous menu items and sometimes, you may find it clumsy. It is good to keep the dashboard clear and it makes you comfort in accessing all the features from one place.

4 Reasons why to manage the dashboard menus?

  • Easy access to information – by managing the menu items you can have the most accessed items on the top and least important items at the bottom.
  • Hide unwanted information – you can hide or remove all unwanted menu items that you never use or don’t want to see it in front of you.
  • Meeting clients requirements – you may be doing a design service and want to customize the menu items as per your client’s requirements.
  • Unique look and feel using admin themes – similar to the blog theme or design, you can also customize the complete design of the WordPress dashboard using admin themes.

In this article, I will take you through the list of WordPress plugins that help to easily manage WordPress dashboard menu items. Using these plugins, you can add a menu item, delete or hide a menu item and in fact, you can re-arrange the items, customize the look & feel, according to your need.WordPress Plugins to customize menu items in admin area or dashboard

The easiest way to manage menu items is by installing a free WordPress plugin from the plugin directory. Customize the items as per your requirement and finally, Save the settings. Done.

1. AG Custom Admin Plugin

With AG Custom plugin, you can customize the Admin bar and footer bar menu items. It has the option to change the appearance of the WordPress login screen by replacing the default WordPress logo with your own logo.
AG custom admin plugin

  • You can change the color of each and every item in the dashboard right from the background color, hover color, link color, menu text color, sub-menu color etc.
  • Interesting, you can edit the default text of various items (not just menu items) on the dashboard.
  • For example, you can change the default text “Dashboard” into “My Dashboard”.

Apart from customizations, you can also change the complete theme style of the dashboard. It has a lot of free themes already available, all you have to just activate one you like – it also has premium themes available.

2. WP Admin Menu Manager Plugin

WP Admin Menu Manager is one of the best WordPress plugin available in the market, using it you can customize all the menu items by simply dragging-and-dropping.
WP admin menu manager

  • You can edit the order of menu items that means, you can re-arrange as per your style.
  • The interesting feature is that you can change the icon of the menu item.
  • You can also customize the settings based on user or role. For example, you can hide certain items in the menu for normal users and show everything only for the admin users.

This WP Admin Menu Manager plugin will be helpful to you, in case, if your WordPress blog has multiple users and you want to customize it based on individual user needs.

3. Admin Menu Tree Page View Plugin

In case, if you are interested to create a tree view of only pages as a menu then Admin Menu Tree Page View plugin will be helpful.

Using this plugin, you can arrange all the pages created in your blog as menu items. You can drag-and-drop the items as per your own style and also, edit the menu text.

Once set up, you can access the pages directly from the menu, no matter, on which page you are on the WordPress dashboard.Menu customization as tree view

4. WordPress Hide Admin Menu Plugin

As the name says, this plugin helps you to hide any admin menu item.

It shows the list of all menu items in the settings page, you have to just choose the user roles for each page. The roles are like Administrator, Contributor, Author, Editor etc.

If you are looking for a plugin, only to hide/un-hide menu items based on user role then you can go for WordPress Hide Admin Menu plugin.

The setup, once you did from the admin login, it will be reflected automatically for all other users. That means you can setup the plugin from the admin login only.

Hide Menu Items - admin settings

5. Admin Menu Editor Plugin

This is one of the famous plugins from the WordPress directory.

Once installed, you can customize the menu items using the drag-and-drop interface. You can hide items from the menu and make it invisible based on the user role.Admin menu editor setup

  • It has options to completely hide menu items including the administrators.
  • It supports creating custom items that means you can create a menu item and point it to a specified URL – it can also be an external URL.
  • User role-based setup is not available on the free version and it is only available on the pro-version of this plugin.

6. Ultra WordPress Admin Plugin with Theme

Ultra WordPress Admin theme is one of the best ever WordPress plugin for complete dashboard management.

Ultra admin dashboard theme for WordPress

  • Not just the menu items, you can customize each and everything that you see on the dashboard. This is a complete package for dashboard management with built-in 30+ skins available to choose.
  • You can re-order, customize, rename menu items. Customize the WordPress login page according to your blog design.
  • Supports Google fonts that means you can make the look and feel great which attracts your clients greatly.
  • It comes with white label branding features that means you can brand-up the dashboard with your companies logo/name etc. especially helpful, if you are working with premium clients.
  • It also supports custom CSS that means you can easily edit the style of any element in the dashboard using your own customized CSS code.

The features are such that you won’t even believe, you had logged into the WordPress dashboard, you can completely make-up it.

In case, if you are looking for a premium solution then go for Ultra WordPress Admin theme.

7. Pixo WordPress Admin Theme

This is an emerging plugin for customizing the theme of your WordPress dashboard.Pixo WordPress admin theme

  • It has a simple and clean design, no clutters.
  • It supports 650+ Google fonts, white label branding, re-captcha.
  • You can customize the color, customize the admin menu, customize the footer and also, customize the look & feel of buttons used in the admin area apart from menu items.
  • See all the features of pixo admin theme

8. WP Admin UI Customize Plugin

Yet another simple to setup customize plugin, with most of the hiding options available. It has a simple drag-and-drop editor for menu customization.

When compared to other plugins, this has the option to hide the “update available” notifications like WordPress core update, plugin update, theme update.

Otherwise, most of the options are to hide the items throughout the WordPress dashboard.WP Admin UI Customization - Settings

9. Wider Admin Menu Plugin

Wider Admin Menu is a very simple plugin to adjust admin menu width. If you find the admin menu has items which are longer then you can use this plugin to widen the menu width. Nothing much to share about this plugin, however, it did what it promises well.how to make menu wider?

Conclusion, what plugin to use?

The easy way to decide which plugin to use is based on your need or requirement:

  • If you are looking for high-end customization and want a premium solution then better go for Ultra WordPress Admin theme. It has all the necessary options to completely transform the admin dashboard. Right from color, position, text, styles, Google fonts, themes, user role-based customization etc.
  • If you are looking for a simple solution then better go for the AG Custom Admin plugin. It has all the basic problems addressed and helps you to easily customize the look & feel of the admin area.

I hope all these plugins are helpful to take a right decision today.

Let me know, which plugin helped you to customize the WordPress dashboard with ease or in case if you face any issues also.


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