As the web evolved, multimedia content are already getting highly consumed right from videos, infographics (larger images). In fact, the technology is evolving rapidly on 3D, 4K, 360 degree view etc.

However, even today, images are dominantly part of the web and of course, part of our WordPress blogs too.

Here at BlashO there are thousands of images hosted, as each blog post has at least 1-3 images embedded.

When you embedded an image into a blog post or page, there are times where you may want to crop the size of an image.

Mostly, you may want to show only a part of the image or you may want to focus a certain part of the image – in that case, cropping has to be done.

There are a lot of image editors (free as well as paid ones) – however, you can easily crop an image within your WordPress blog’s dashboard only.How to edit or crop image in WordPress Blog?

In this article, I will take you through the exact steps to edit or rotate or crop an image.

  1. Login to your WordPress blog’s dashboard
  2. Go to Media > Add New
    Add new media
  3. Select your image file or just drag-and-drop itSelect an image
  4. Once selected, go to Edit screen as shown below:select the edit option
  5. Now you can see the image loaded in the edit screenSelect edit image for cropping
  6. Click anywhere on the image, drag it and mark the crop area, as shown in the below screenshot:Select a region to crop
  7. Once selected, click the crop icon as shown below. You can also rotate in any direction using the other icons. Redo & undo is also supported.
    click the crop icon
  8. You can also scale up or down the image using the option as shown below:
    set crop ratio or scale values
  9. Don’t forget to click Save. Final cropped image
  10. Done, your final cropped image is ready.Once saved, you can see the URL of the cropped image that you can use it.
  11. Note: You can also edit the image from the blog page/post edit page. Select the Add Media button and then click “Edit Image” as follows:Edit image from blog post

With the above steps, not only cropping, you can also rotate in all the directions & scale up/down the images.

I hope this article helped you to perform a crop on an image directly from WordPress dashboard without using any tools/software.

Let me know, in case, if you face any issues or doubts in editing an image.


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