One of the best idea is to create a free Game Store Website and making money out of it. Yes, it is possible to build your own gaming website using WordPress. We all know that WordPress is an open source content management system especially used for blogs. You may be already having WordPress blogs.

The idea here is: to create game store website (to sell download-able games and earn money).

When i say, building a game store website, you could think of lot of technical stuffs like:

  • Categorizing the Game products
  • Listing Game details/description pages
  • Adding Order / Download links etc.

All these requires a great investment of time and knowledge, when compared to building a regular blog. Your game store should have extensible features to add new games and to quickly add description about each games to make it available for download/sale.

At the same time, do you know the Gaming affiliate web sites ? Yes, there are many affiliate web sites which shares you revenue for each game you sell using your affiliate link.

Few to mention are : BigFish, Alawar, Nevosoft, Reflexive etc. If you have not already joined them, better sign up for an affiliate account.

Demo Game Store Page

Demo Game Store Page

Now coming back to building free game store.

How To Create ?

  • Install WordPress to your web hosting and make a WordPress blog first.
  • Second, install Zamango Money Extractor WordPress plugin.
  • This plugin helps to turn your regular WordPress blog into a money making game store ! It has the features to automatically add Game pages along with Game descriptions, Download Links, Order Links etc.

This Zamango plugin makes everything simple for you. Have a look on the Demo Game Store, your game store will be looking like this.

Check the Zamango website for information about this plugin.

Interestingly, using Zamango plugin you could create multi-language gaming stores (not only English, many other languages). Once you setup the plugin, it automatically shows your affiliate links in the game page. Hence for every sale you could earn commission from affiliate sites.

Also, Zamango has the capability to show the best affiliate link even though you use multiple affiliate sites. Check the FAQ page for more information.

Video on Game Store Plugin.

I tried to find some good videos on this topic and found one which explains/shows the plugin features…(its in ru)

If you are looking to create your own gaming website then WordPress + Zamango is the best free to use combination. Once your store is up, you have to bring visitors who are interested to buy/download games.

Now you can play Free online games from Games2win, a leading gaming site ranks on Top 20 Gaming Groups in the world as per ComScore.

That’s it !


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  1. Galya - Reply

    Thanks for detailed review! But I found a mistake: the Reflexive PP (a.k.a. game center solution) is closed about 2 years ago, in the beginning of 2010.

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      Good that you bring out this and thanks for pointing to the right page – i have also unlinked Reflexive from this article recently..Thanks Galya.

  2. Timothy Box - Reply

    Thank you for sharing Games shop, it is wonderfull you can include Aust camper in your another Games post which will be very useful.

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