Dreamhost is one of the reliable web hosting service which offers free Promo Code. Especially, if you are about to host a web site Dreamhost is one of the best option to choose. Also, Dreamhost has a referral award program where you could easily make money by referring clients. All you have to do, promote Dreamhost web hosting service and send people to buy their service. Its quite easy because Dreamhost offers “Promo Code”.

Promo Codes are nothing but discount coupons for buyers. Since we are going to create Promo Code and spread the words to the buyers, we could easily make commissions for each sale. This is the first time, i am promoting Dreamhost web hosting service and i will share you the progress going forward.

Okay, lets see How to create Dreamhost Promo Code ?

  • First of all, you have to create an affiliate account with Dreamhost. Its free to create from the Rewards Link Homepage.

Sign Up For Dreamhost

  • Once your account is created, Login to Dreamhost Web Panel and click the “Rewards” link from the sidebar.From the rewards link, you could get your affiliate link as well you could create promo code. The Dreamhost affiliate link looks like below:


select rewards

Select Rewards

  • Lets create Promo codes now. Scroll down to the end of web panel, you could check the monthly affiliate summaries here and also, you will see a link “Create Your Own Promo Codes”. Click on it and select “Create A New DreamHost Promo Code”.
  • Fill a valid Promo Code of your choice and its description.
  • Don’t select any option like Private IP (these are promo codes specific to a product), so leave it blank.
  • In the bottom you will see the maximum discount allowed for each product. You could fill at least 50% of that or even more. The more discount you give, you will get lesser commission i believe.
  • In this example, i have selected ~50% discount for each product (like 30$, 50$, 50$).
Dreamhost Create Promo Code

Dreamhost Create Promo Code

Note: Looks Dreamhost is giving the maximum discount of 97$ only to specific countries like US, Canada etc. So beware, if you are giving the full discount to your promo code.

  • Final step: You could start promoting your affiliate link which looks like below: (you have to append the promo code to your affiliate link in the end)

Original Affiliate Link: http://www.dreamhost.com/r.cgi?1052165
Promo Coded Affiliate Link : http://www.dreamhost.com/r.cgi?1052165|VENCODE

That’s It, done. Send traffic to your affiliate link and you will be making money for each sale you drive. The following are the simple ways to promote you dream host affiliate program free:

  • Write a blog post about web hosting or Dreamhost and add your affiliate link and banners.
  • Simply, tell the readers of a Forum that you have a promo code. Many will buy using your promo code.
  • Host a new blog from blogger.com about web hosting and share your promo code every day from different Affiliate Programs (its one of the profitable method).

Its very simple to create a Dreamhost promo code, the toughest part is bringing people to use your promo code. Definitely, you could make a decent money if you seriously promote Dreamhost affiliate program.

  • Recently, i created a Promo Code as VENCODE, you could use this code if you are buying a web hosting to get discounts from Dreamhost.

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