There are situations were you need to create bulk number of categories in your wordpress blog. If there is an automatic method or plugin available then i would be helpful right ? Recently, i was looking to create bulk number of categories in one my blog and i was totally helpless.

I tried many plugin’s and methods but could not easily make that to work. So I thought of sharing you all on, how to add bulk categories that too automatically into your wordpress blog ?

Its really painful, if you want to create say 50 new categories. For example, this kind of requirement may come when you are launching your own article directories using wordpress or simpler situations.


Cooking with WordPress πŸ™‚

  • I tried many useless plugins and after spending hours, Category Import is the best choice. This plugin is easy to use.

Once installed, all you have to do is follow the below steps to create categories:

  • Go to Posts -> Category Import from your wordpress dashboard.
  • There is only one text box where you have to add all your categories one per line.
  • You could create sub-categories also using the “/” option. For example, “WordPress\SEO Tips” will create you a sub-category named “SEO Tips” under the parent category “WordPress”.
  • Then click “Add categories”, you are done.

Manually adding bulk number of categories is a painful task and with Category Import wordpress plugin, you could do in minutes especially without Stress.

  • To mention, i tried the Post Corrector plugin too but looks like the author has not updated it for the latest versions of wordpress. You could try that if you are using the older 2+ versions of wordpress, it may work.

More information about this plugin from Category Import FAQ.

You could share below in comments, how do you create bulk categories ? Do this plugin works ? and what are all the issues you are facing to get help from other minds….



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  1. Im having trouble importing sub categories as they wont display on the front end of the site. In the backend it will show that I have 12 pages of categories but going to the 9th etc page will not display anything. When I start deleting the categories from page from page 1 they will only show on page 1.

  2. I’m using this plugin also, but I’m stuck on trying to import parents > subcats > subsubcats, where the children of the parent cats often have identical names. Only the parents have unique names, so with different slugs it could be done, just don’t know how :(. I need to add something like 1200 categories like this. Any tips?

  3. I was searching for how to create WordPress categories from an imported text file and found this post. It did the trick thx. For those who need to import users, I just used Dagon’s Design import user plugin which also worked very well. -Richard

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      Thanks for sharing it here Richard…

  4. I want to change a tag set into a category… will this plug-in help, or do you have another suggestion? Thanks for any help.

  5. I had the same problem while trying to add massive categories in WordPress. I knew having lots of categories may sound not a good idea but for website related with song and artist it is indeed really important (custom taxonomy wasn’t a good choice for this).
    I was adding each category manually. I thought it was boring job. Well, I could add massive categories using “BULKPRESS”. It was available in WordPress plugins repository. I was thinking maybe I had the biggest categories in the planet. Watching the number of categories make me shake my head. I modified the theme and many important WordPress core to make it work as expected. having so much categories will slowdown wordpress so much due to massive and huge call to database. Modified theme and changing some aspect will help increase the overall performance. At least it wasn’t use much query and memories. CPU and memory usage remain low. πŸ™‚
    For anyone having massive and huge categories, There would be hard challenge to reduce query and maintain WordPress to work as expected.

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