Here is a handy WordPress Plugin review which helps in making money especially from Coupon Code. Coupon codes are promotional codes released by retailers to offer discounts with online purchases. Generally, affiliate marketers could easily promote products by offering coupon codes. Now, a wordpress plugin released by Chris knows as Coupon Code Plugin.

Coupon code plugin

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To mention, Coupon Code is a paid plugin worth to promote coupon codes easily on your wordpress blog. It helps to make things natural. Yes, once downloaded and activated, this plugin helps you to manage coupon codes of various affiliate programs. You could add affiliate links as well as the corresponding coupon codes attached to it. Later, while composing new blog posts, you could import the coupon codes using the widget that appears below the wordpress editor.

Advantages of Coupon Code Plugin:

  • It shows a customized plus encoded code which is tagged to your affiliate link. This well enables the chances of sign up through your affiliate link or doing a purchase via the affiliate link.
  • Important, this plugin hides the affiliate link and shows the Coupon code link. On clicking, it redirects to your affiliate link. Basically, helps to hide the affiliate links along with fancy customized coupon codes.
  • It Tracks the visitors click (impression, count) on the coupon and takes them to the right affiliate page on click.

Here is a demo on how to use this Coupon Code plugin in your wordpress blog:

  • This video shows, how to add coupon codes ? how to customize the style and appearance ? And how to embed the coupon codes from the blog post ?

For those who are crazy about promoting coupon codes from their blog, this plugin is a Cake.

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  1. Thank you very much for using and promoting the Coupon Code Plugin! We appreciate your kind words. We are now providing a free 7 day trial for those who would like to test the plugin.

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