Blogging is one of the long term online business which requires a huge investment of your precious time and knowledge. Blogs are meant for growth and even constant growth. There are hurdles which are unavoidable in any business but as far as blogging, it’s dependent on how well you are managing your blog towards growth and traffic.

I started this blog as part-time and I am working consistently towards the growth. I too see a constant growth from very recent time. Ultimately, the aim would be to grow and earn money from your blog or achieve your blogging goals.

Always, keep in mind that the blog growth rate varies from market-to-market.

Let’s see those elements which play a major role in the constant growth of your growth graph

First, Understand the “Demand” In Market.

Every business is driven by the market.

The ratio of demand and supply decides the profit. It decides the competition in the market.

Generally, more demand leads to more supply and less demand leads to less supply (balanced ratio). Varying the balance ratio alters the profit, competition and loss.

  • Now coming to the point, it’s heavily dependent on the market in which you are blogging about. Because when there is no demand for information then there is no meaning to write huge blog posts on that topic. The end result, your blog won’t get traffic. You could not find more readers to your blog.
  • Other way, when there is more demand for information, you will see more competition and you have to work better (in terms of quality service) to stand out from the competition.

What I am saying, pay attention to market demand and supply information in your blog based on the demand!

It’s an intelligent way of blogging. There comes the “Keyword Research”, learn how to select keywords and get targeted traffic?

Work Towards Building an “Useful” Blog.

There are a number of meanings for the word “Useful”.

Building a blog with full of useful information is one the lifetime achievement of blogging. It takes time, you can’t sit and write everything in a single shot.

  • First thing, you must keep the visitor in mind. Produce content for their need.
  • Solve problems in your topic, provide solutions.
  • Even provide better solutions and stand out from the competition.
  • Organize those useful blog posts as reachable to the visitors. For example, I linked those best blog posts from the top and bottom bars.

Simply saying, your blog must provide a reason to visit.

Also, providing quality information definitely helps the visitors. This way, they will remind your blog and they will come back again.

They will become satisfied and repeat visitors of your blog called Customers.

“Marketing” Towards Blog Growth.

Promoting and marketing your blog is the process which goes throughout the life cycle of blogging. You should not stop marketing your blog.growth graph

“Consistency” Leads to Blog Growth.

Blogging is not like, “I will work only today and earn for the lifetime”. You have to work consistently. In terms of publishing useful blog posts, marketing, visitor interaction, blog maintenance and much more.

It’s a long term process and you have to take care your blog as a business always. content creation vs blog growth

More consistency leads to constant blog growth.

  • Consistently publishing blog posts will increase your traffic.
  • This strategy, I am applying now in this blog.
  • I have doubled the posting frequency (2 articles per day) and I am seeing huge growth in blog traffic. See the data here.
  • Show consistency in blogging, it takes you to higher growth instantly.

Effective “Monetization” for Blog Income Growth

People may blog for many reasons. But when you are blogging as a business, your ultimate goal will be making money.

More traffic gives more income and its complete waste of time to monetize a new blog (it’s my strategy).

But once traffic floods into your blog, it becomes “Passive Income”. I mean, whatever you do, it makes money.

It also depends on the nature of traffic you get, whether buyer traffic or surfer traffic or research traffic. I have classified the Kind of traffic here, which gives more insights on the traffic nature.

  • First, you should understand the nature and source of traffic coming to your blog. So that you could monetize accordingly. For example, if your blog gets more surfer traffic you could not sell an affiliate product, PPC Ads like Google Adsense earns well.
  • Second, contextual promotion. Like Google Adsense which shows contextual Ads, you have to sell contextual affiliate products. It’s a basic common sense in monetizing your blog.

You can go for a quick solution like AffiLinker to monetize your blog by promoting affiliate products.


The elements of blog growth are Demand, Usefulness, Marketing, Consistency and Monetization.

Constant growth depends on how far you are meeting all these elements in your blog?

  • If you ask me to pick the best from these elements, I would go for Marketing and Consistency!

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