Here in BlashO, there were 666,625 spam comments blocked in total – 90,272 spam comments blocked during the last 6 months only. I believe that’s really a huge number.

You can see the below screenshot.

See how many spam comments were cleaned

If I have to manually clean and filter all these comments then I don’t know, how hard it will be!

Yes, a blog without Akismet is really hard-to-believe. This plugin had blocked so many spam comments and helped to keep my blog completely clean.

Further, when all those blocked comments are still stored in the database, it bloats your blog and obviously, it slow downs the performance because lot of comments are sitting in your database.

As a first step, you have to clean all those comments idly floating in your database.

Clean Spam Comments using WP-Optimize.

If you are manually cleaning all these spam comments, you will end-up doing it every day. It becomes a tough task and you can’t focus well on other activities of your blog.

For a person like me, going for a day job, I don’t want to do all these tough tasks manually. Hence I went to hunt for a best plugin to quickly clean all those blocked spam comments from my blog.

I found WP-Optimize is perfect.

This plugin helps you to quickly clean all those floating entries from your WordPress database. Not only the spam comments, it also cleans – post revisions, page revisions etc.

Once I run this plugin, I quickly realized that my blog loads quicker especially, on the admin dashboard apart from all spam comments cleaned.

You can manually start the cleaning process, see the below screenshot.

Plugin to clean blog comments - manual option

Or, you can also configure or schedule the plugin to automatically clean your database. Make sure, you have enabled the “Remove spam comments” option.Option to automatically schedule comment cleaning

Once you have cleaned all those blocked comments, you will also realize the loading speed improved especially on the admin dashboard and also, in general.

3 Steps To Review All Your Blog Comments

Apart from comment cleaning, I also reviewed all my blog comments.

Its been 6 years I started this blog.

I worked for the first 2 to 3 years and took a break for the next years.

I resumed blogging during the mid of 2015 only.

During the earlier stage, I had approved lot of comments those were made just to build links. I mean comments with “keywords instead of real name”. I manually reviewed over 2000+ approved comments and removed all those “keyword specific comments”. I kept only those with real people names.

This is little painful job. However, I made it simple 🙂

Let me help you here, how to do it in a simple way. It took less than 30 minutes to review all those 2000+ approved comments.

Step #1: Increase number of comments per page

  1. Go to “Comments”
  2. Click “Screen Options” and put 500 on the “Number of items per page”
  3. Click “Apply”. Now all those 2000+ comments can be easily viewed in just 4 pages instead of 100’s of page navigations.Option to change number of comments

Step #2: Look for spam/keyword comments

Scan through the comments and look for keywords in the “Author” column. You have to simply use your common sense here.

Few examples of bad or keyword specific comments are here:

Examples of keyword based spam comments

Step #3: Unapprove or Trash It

  1. Scroll mouse pointer over the comment
  2. Choose “Unapprove” or “Trash”
  3. Done. You have removed bad comment
  4. Repeat the steps

how to unapprove comments?Hope this 3 step process helps you to quickly review all the approved comments in your blog. Also, make sure from today onwards, you approve comments only with real people name and no keywords.

Install Anti-Spam Plugin, Protect from Spam Commentbots.

Apart from Akismet, you can also install Anti-Spam plugin. This plugin helps to block spam commentbots which automatically posts comment on blogs. Akismet does the job perfect, I have installed Anti-Spam plugin for additional protection.

In less than a week, it had blocked 700+ automatic comments from spam bots.

See the below screenshot.Image shows anti-spam plugin stats

To make it simple – keep Akismet, Anti-Spam Plugin’s installed.

Add Special Note or Comment Policy to Readers.

To make it even better, you can add a comment policy to your blog. You can list down the rules or points to follow while commenting on your blog.

For BlashO, earlier when I was using CommentLuv I added a commenting policy/rules. Today, I don’t have CommentLuv plugin enabled and hence I added a small note to my comment form like: “Name (required, No Keywords)”.

I don’t expect my readers to post a keyword in the Name field.

I made it simple.

Similarly, you can add notes to your comment form based on your own requirement or rules.picture shows cleaning

I have followed all these steps in BlashO and made the blog’s commenting system more robust than before. Since I removed all those keyword based comments, I hope Google adds more value to my blog posts like before and soon it opens back the gate of traffic.

Follow this comment cleaning strategy and keep your blog clean for both “Users” as well as “Search Engines”.


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