Choosing a good domain name and a web hosting service is the intelligent part of online business start up. Because your domain name solely represents your business to everyone. It should represent your brand name too. It is required to consider few factors before selecting a domain name for your online business. Secondly, you have to fit into a suitable web hosting platform.

Understanding Domain’s for Beginners.

For beginners, a domain name is the name of the website. Web hosting is the storage place where your website content will be stored. So you have to select domain name and a web hosting service. The common question among beginners is that, how much domain name and hosting costs ? Is is worth to put some money for buying a domain name and hosting service ? In short, to answer all beginners, its not a tough or worrying task. Selecting the domain name and hosting is very simple.

There are two ways to select your domain and hosting.

1) Free blogs. There are free ways to setup your own blog that includes selecting the domain name for your blog and the web hosting associated with that for free. and are the best place’s to start and its free.

The only disadvantage of free blogs is that your domain name holds the platforms name. For example, if you want to select a domain name as “” then it will be named as “” for blogger & “” for wordpress blogs. Also, you don’t the access to control the content stored in your web hosting (that means you can’t store any data as you like).

2) Paid Hosting’s. You have to pay for selecting a domain name and a web hosting. There are lot of domain hosting services available over Internet but some of the famous one’s are Ghostgator, Godaddy etc. The advantage of paid hosting is that you will get your own brand new domain name of your chocie. For example, if you want to select a domain name as “” then you could exactly get that name. Also, you will get full access to control your web space (that means you could store any data as your like in your hosting space). And again you could choose blogger or wordpress as your blogging platform that makes your work simpler. Refer these wonderful resources on blogger help and wordpress support.

Now the questions comes like how to proceed ? Free blogs or paid hostings ? The answer is simple, beginners better go for free blogs. Once you are comfortable with your blog and if you feel you are progressing good you could change that free blog into a paid hosting. (that means you could host your own domain & web hosting later). That’s a good approach for beginners. But going for paid hosting is also bad because its one time job.

Two simplest ways to choose a great domain name:

1) The foremost way to choose a domain name based on your “brand name”. Simply, make your business brand name as the domain name. Going for a unique, catchy, stylish name reminds easily in everyone’s mind.

2) If you don’t have a brand name then just go by keywords. Using keywords as domain name is one of the best SEO technique in driving more search engine traffic. Use the same Google Keyword Tool and find out demanding keywords (keywords with more search volume). Sometimes brand name as domain name not works (for smaller or individual business owners).

Lets see an example of a successful keyword based domain name.

I will show the best example that utilizes the power of keyword as domain name. The keyword is “Online business systems”, Google’s keyword tool shows about 12,000 searches for that keyword & the similar keyword “online business system” shows about 5,000 searches. In general, this is a demanding keyword that has moderate search volume.

Domain name as keyword search

When I searched google for this keyword, I found stands first. Because it has domain name exactly the same as the keyword. The most wondering part is that, this site has only 8 pages available and it stands in the top of google search results page for the keyword “online business system”.

domain name search results

Sure, it gets decent traffic from search engines simply for that particular keyword. That’s called Domain Name SEO.

So find out such keywords related to your topic and keep that as your domain name, that works good always.

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