What is Child Theme in WordPress? Meaning of Child Theme

//What is Child Theme in WordPress? Meaning of Child Theme

You can use themes in WordPress to decide how the content should be displayed that’s the blog design. Themes can be used to decide on the layout, design, typography and how the blog should be displayed on different devices and in different contexts.

A child theme is a theme that borrows the functionality and styling from the base theme or parent theme and can be modified without changing the parent theme.What is Child Theme in WordPress? Meaning of Child Theme

Child themes are useful because they help to speed up development time. You can make changes to the blog design in the child theme keeping the original theme intact as separate files are created for the child theme. You can always go back to the base theme if your requirements are not met using the child theme.

In general child themes can be created by following the simple steps:

  • Create a separate new child theme folder
  • Create a separate stylesheet file for the child theme
  • Link the child theme files to the parent theme files.
  • Login to the backend, go to Appearance – Themes and activate the child theme.

In simple terms, child themes are used to enhance the functionality of the parent theme without changing the parent themes code.

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