What is Category in WordPress? Meaning of Category

//What is Category in WordPress? Meaning of Category

There is a lot of blog posts on your blog. It is useful to organize posts in a logical manner using Category. By doing so people can find content easily on your blog. They will get all the relevant content related to a topic rather than searching for it.

For example, in a shopping site, it will be useful if all stationery items are categorized under one section or in the books section, there are separate categories for fiction and non-fiction books. Navigation will be smooth for end users. Use of categories will provide SEO for your WordPress blog.

Simply in WordPress, content can be classified on the basis of categories.

The category is a predefined taxonomy available in WordPress.What is Category in WordPress? Meaning of Category

You can add categories while writing a post as well.  Just navigate to Posts – Categories in the admin screen. Select to add a category.

You need to give a category name, category slug (custom URL), parent category (if any) and a description of the category. Categories can be edited and deleted as well.

You can display the category in the front-end in this manner:

  • Go to Appearances – Widget.
  • Drag and Drop the categories in any parts of your blog (sidebar or footer bar).WordPress category

You can display them on the menu by adding the categories from Appearances – Menus in the admin screen. There has to be one category as a default category. Categories can be converted to tags and tags to categories.

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