What is BuddyPress in WordPress? Meaning of BuddyPress

//What is BuddyPress in WordPress? Meaning of BuddyPress

BuddyPress is a free plugin developed by WordPress to add social networking to your WordPress blog. You can download and install it from the Plugins section. It is well integrated with WordPress. Once installed it can be configured as per your requirements.

Just go to Settings – BuddyPress to configure all the options of BuddyPress.What is BuddPress in WordPress? Meaning of BuddyPress

There are three choices: Components, Pages, and Options.

  • Components – Components are social networking components like user profiles, connections between the users as friends, all the private messaging between users etc. You can enable or disable all these features based on your own requirements.
  • Pages – Each component requires a page to be created in order to avail the functionality. Under the Pages section, you can manage all the pages created for each of the Members, the Activity Stream, User Groups etc. You can also create pages for user registration and associate the components with the pages.
  • Options – In the ‘Options’ section, you can handle settings for users related to the toolbar, Avatars, group creation etc. From the admin section, you can manage and track the user’s activity, group’s activity etc.

In simple words, using BuddyPress you create and manage all the social networking features on your WordPress blog.

BuddyPress will be helpful if you want to turn your WordPress blog into a community-based website.

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