Long time back, we discussed about the importance of visitors in online business. The point that i triggered to write a blog post is, Today’s visitors are tomorrows customers. I would say, its 100% valid statement. Visitors are the backbone of your web site and the volume of visitors decides your online income. You are building your site for bringing in more visitors. You are following SEO, PPC and much more Internet Marketing techniques all for bringing volume of visitors to your site.

When the situation is like that, if your visitors are not coming back to your web site, is that a sign of success ? Is that waste of effort, waste of time ? I mean, you are working for visitors and what if they are not coming back ? And what if they are not becoming your customers ? It means, there is something missing in your business.

So you should keep the visitors, bring them back and make them your customer. What are the ingredients you need ? How to achieve ? How to turn today’s visitors into tomorrows customer ? Lets see that…

Today & Tommorrow

Today & Tommorrow

First Look of Branding Your Business.

A Brand gives the identify to your business. It gives the physical shape to your business. On the first look when the visitor comes to your web site, he should be able to feel your branding. Branding is more important for every web based business and it has more benefits.

  • It should remind in the visitors mind even after he left your web site.
  • Visitors should feel your branding.
  • In fact, branding shows even smaller web sites into larger sites.
  • It shows that you are professional in the market.
  • It triggers the new visitors to come back to your site.
  • Uniqueness is more important to create more remembrance about your website. It actually stands out from the competitors and makes you unique headed.

Better branding brings in new visitors as well as turns the visitors into customers for the long term.

Lets go ahead and see, how to simply brand your site ?

  • A Logo – Make an eye catchy logo which should catch the visitors attention. I use Mr.Ven logo at many places in this blog.
  • A slogan – A short and mighty slogan which tells the purpose of your business or service. I use the slogan “Anatomy of Online Business” in this blog.
  • Colors/Font – Use Matching Colors and right combination of text size/font through out the site from top to bottom which makes your site branded.

Read more on the Steps To Brand !

Giving Visitors The Purpose To Become Customer.

As mentioned earlier, you are marketing your site to bring visitors and how do you make them into customer ? When do the visitor will become happy ? The answer is, only when they receive their purpose. Or When they receive a solution for their problem. Yes, you have to serve your visitors with what they need !

Serve Visitors Need.

Purpose of every business is serving the need of target audience. Anyway, understanding your audience nature is more important so that you could serve them better.

For example, whom you are addressing in your business ? towards beginner audience or advanced audience or both. Internet users are either information seekers or solution seekers. If you are solving the purpose of the visitors, it means they are becoming your customers. Because satisfied visitors will definitely come to your site again and again. That pays way for Constant business growth.

So simply, serve the visitor, giving what they need from you !

Keep Quality Everywhere.

There is not replacement for Quality. Keeping quality in everywhere shows that you are more serious about the business and it gives a feel to the visitors that you are more cared to them.

For example:

  • Bloggers work to create quality information in their blog which shows that they are mastering the topic.
  • Affiliate Marketers has to create a quality “squeeze page” which brings in more trusted visitors to them.
  • Freelancers has to show quality work on the assigned job so that they could get an offer again from his employer.

So quality is needed everywhere in everything.

To conclude, branding reminds visitors to come back & quality service turns those visitors to become customers !

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