If you are looking for blogs that are using CommentLuv WordPress Plugin then you are in the right page today. I have compiled a list of blogs that are using CommentLuv and as of today these blogs are actively using it. I will be keeping this page updated with blogs whenever i see a new blog using CommentLuv or stopped using it.

Note: Here in BlashO, I have disabled CommentLuv and no longer using it.

You all know CommentLuv is a wonderful WordPress Plugin to build a strong community of blog readers and active commentators around your blog. And that’s one of the major reason many bloggers are using this plugin to great extent in their blogs.CommentLuv Commentators...

Few of the major reasons to use CommentLuv WordPress plugin:

  • Helps to build a community around your blog by attracting more readers who are willing to share their thoughts on every blog post you write and to grow along with your blogging business.
  • Helps to add a lot of content to every blog post and it brings in new views about a topic. In fact, it sparks lot of discussion and makes every reader to interact with other fellow readers.
  • Helps to reward every commentator by offering a link to their web site (as usual) along with a link to their recent post which results in sending traffic to commentator’s site.
  • Helps to keep the blog posts fresh even after months or years because new readers will be adding comments every day on seeing the CommentLuv wordpress plugin installed.

So you are looking for blogs that are using CommentLuv WordPress plugin and i understood that you are ready to interact with other fellow readers on your favored topic.

I have also installed the CommentLuv WordPress plugin in this blog, you can leave a comment on this blog to start interacting with my blog readers as well as me, i am open for any discussion about every blog post i write here.

You can look into my Archives, i have published great number of quality articles to interact…there are lot of guest authors who are contributing to this blog every week. If you are interested to write a guest post, check the guidelines here.

See you commenting on this blog every day…..

Blogs with CommentLuv.

To help you all, i have compiled this list of CommentLuv blogs, i will be keep on updating this blog post (you can also suggest any other blogs that are using CommentLuv by leaving a comment), i am happy to add into this list.

Here we go…

I hope this list is useful, you can add any other blogs that are using CommentLuv plugin in the comment section below – i will update this list accordingly.

Good Luck !



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  1. andra - Reply

    hey mr fen… can you help me? i installing seo plugin from wordpress yesterday, but why now error my page? what wrong, are u help me?

    • Mr.Ven - Reply

      Hi andra, What is the error ?

  2. Great list, thanks for sharing! Many of the comluv lists are outdated so it’s good to have an up-to-date one!

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      I would like to keep this page updated periodically, lets see how i am able to go…Nice to see your comment here.

  3. Titus - Reply

    Hi Mr Ven? I would like to start my own blog but I don’t know how to go about it. please advise

    • Ven Tesh - Reply

      You can read here one of my recent advice to begin with…Good luck.

  4. Sabrina Sabino - Reply

    Thanks for the list! Please add mine if it’s possible! 🙂 I also have CommentLuv on my blog. Cheers.

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      Sure, now your site is into the commentluv list…Thanks.

  5. What a nice and comprehensive list you have here. This must have really consumed a great deal of time to put together. I’ve bookmarked this page and will be visiting often. Cheers!!

  6. Hello, Mr. Ven. I’m very happy to have found your site 🙂 Thanks for putting up a great list of commentluv blogs. This is such a great tool that provides benefits to both the blogger and commenter, as long as quality comments are made which add meaning to the discussion.

    My blog is also CommentLuv enabled and it reached PR 1 in two months. I would greatly appreciate it if you include my blog when you update this list. Thank you very much.

  7. Thanks for sharing about their sites. I truly love comment love since it helps to reduce spammed comments a bit. I hope my Pr will increase with it 😀

    Kindly visit cliquez ici 

  8. Thanks a lot some great sites here – I will also pop you over a few of my url’s once I have added the plugin!

  9. Shruti - Reply


    Great list and super collection thanks for sharing it will be very useful to all of us because most of commentluv Blog are do-follow and we know the value of do-follow backlinks.


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