Recently, we discussed that why Freelancing is a comfortable online job ? Now the debate is on the another side towards Blogging. Blogging is a fun task and it requires much hard work to make it successful. If you ask me, whether blogging is a comfortable job ? I would say, NO….

During the earlier stage of your blog, its really tough to make it up. Its damn hard to build a blog from scratch. And its even more hard for making money from blogging. It is also true that once your blog had grown and established, it rocks ! But the question is, does blogging is comfortable to individuals ?

Blogging Takes Time.

The most common factor about blogging, it takes all your Time. You have to work today, tomorrow, day after tomorrow and so on…Non stop blogging ! Just see your life style, you could not survey from the day one with your new blog. You have to work everyday writing articles and marketing your blog through various methods. Its not an one time job and it goes through out the life cycle of blogging.

I am working on this blog as part-time, every day spending 1 hour. But there are many days, we could not even write a blog post. Its not consistent many times & looks idiot.

If blogging takes more time to establish then how it is comfortable ?

Its Difficult ?

Its Difficult ?

Blogging Needs Hard Work.

As mentioned earlier, you have to work harder. But if you stick to a plan then it becomes smarter work. But there are days where you have to come down to work hard.

For example, if you upgrade your wordpress blog to a new version and if that ends up with FATAL ERRORS then you are gone. You have to digg hard to find the issues, it eats up all your time and day. In practical, there are much more difficulties especially, if you are an individual running a blog.

But there are exceptions where a team of bloggers work together and it shares the load. Every one who blogs know all these stuffs, without hard work you could produce quality content on your blog and you could not drive huge traffic to your blog.

If blogging needs hard work then how it is comfortable ?

Niche Vs Competition.

Next comes the Niche and competition. The most hardest part of the blogging game is the Niche and its crowd. People don;t leave a demanding niche, every one starts a blog on that demanding niche. It leads to more competition.

Few examples of crowded niches are “Blogging Tips”, “Make Money Online”, “Credit Cards”, “Weight Loss” and much more. The major disadvantage of high competition blog niche is that, you could not find Keywords. Because no keywords are left by web masters and it is completely dominated by peoples. Hence more competition and you have to be unique to stand out in competition. Its tough really !

If blogging is controlled by a Niche and competition then how it is comfortable ?

Blogging Disturbs Personal Life.

This is for part-time bloggers. You are running every day for a “day job”, already finding difficult to balance it between your family and work. Now in between, you have your blog. You have to sit and write blog posts. You have to market your blog. You have to manage your blog. Its totally bound to time. And if you fail to manage your personal time, it leads to severe STRESS. Many times you will think, shall i quit blogging ? So there are lot of disturbances in your personal life, if you are blogging.

If blogging gives disturbance to you then how it is comfortable ?

Finally, blogging has lot of obstacles like you have to invest more time, needs hard work, needs to win competition and it disturbs your personal life.

The conclusion is, if you are ready to take Challenge then blogging is a Comfortable Online Job.

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