I completely agree that when you run a blog, it is totally under your control (but blogger blogs has no control, from my experience). Apart from taking full control of your blog, the more important factor comes here is the Blog Topic. Its quite common that many people blog around here and there, focusing towards varying topics. But there are something called Niche Blogs which are more specific to a topic.

There are greater advantages, if you are running into the circle of specific topics. Unless, you are a gaint business (running a big portal like Yahoo), its bad to blog in a wider scope and its good to limit your blogging scope. Lets see, how it helps your blog towards growth and income when you are staying in a specific topic.

Mastering The Blog Topic.

The foremost thing, you will master the blog topic. Because your blog covers everything in the specific topic. Over a period of time, your blog will become turn into an information rich site. You will be covering everything from tips, ideas, latest trends in a specific topic. That means, you are more focused to the topic and your blog proves that its a “Knowledge Base”.

When someone comes to your blog, they will find more information on the specific topic and for sure, your blog serves their needs. Thats the ultimate advantage of blogging in a specific topic, your blog grows by itself beating the niche competition.

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Staying Focused...

Staying Focused…

Targeted Blog visitors.

When your blog becomes a Knowledge Base on a specific topic, it drives targeted visitors. Because, every entry point of your blog goes into the same topic and more chances that the visitor finds more information inside your blog. Visitors will get deeper information about the topic and they stay in your blog for long time. They will read more pages.

Finally, they will love your blog and comes back every day, to find more information. That’s the basic sense, to build a customer base around a blog. Learn to Get more blog traffic, a short course.

Towards Long Term Growth.

From the day 1 you started a blog to till date, you are staying in the topic. That means, you are consistent in the topic and over a period of time, it turns into a resource center. Basically, that’s the long term business model where the growth and development of your business is steady.

That’s why, i have classified blogging as a Long Term Online Business Model. The de facto, most successful business grows steadily.

Easy To Make Money.

When it comes to monetizing your blog, you don;t need to crack your head. Apart from regular contexutal PPC Ads like Adsense, Chitika, you could easily find advertisers. Because, your blog is more focused on a topic and all the visitors are looking for specific information that you serve. That means, for advertisers, your blog is the targetted location to advertise.

Secondly, affiliate promotion will become similar. It works well because of the contextualism between the topic and products taken for promotion. Definitely, your blog makes more money, when you stay in a specific topic.

Here are the factors that you must follow while blogging for money.

Highly Reader Engaged.

When more similar peoples gather in a place, more debate and more conversation will happen. Its natural phenomena. When you encourage comments in your blog, it engages the readers to maximum extent and it adds more value to your content too. At the same time, when dissimilar people are in a place, the actual “context” will be missed. Thats one of the major advantage of blogging in a specific topic. If you got more blog comments, check out these comment managing plugins for your blog.

Final Thoughts…

When you need constant blog growth, you have to stay in the topic and master it. This way, you will beat the entire competition by making your blog into a Knowledge Base. Ultimately, visitors will get satisfied, traffic grows for the long term and finally, increases your blog income. To read further, here is an analysis on, how blogs are becoming popular ?

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