Beginners are tend to mistakes. Its a general fact. It is applicable for blogging too. Even when i started blogging, i did mistakes. Many times, we don’t know that we are doing a mistake. In other words, we don’t realize our mistakes. Since blogging is a open and flexible platform, it gives you many opportunity to make mistakes. Its very much common in blogging.

Even the problogger, would have done mistakes in his earlier stage. Blogging is all about learning and sharing. How you do blogging ? is even a learning process.

  • Keeping all mistakes aside, when you realize the mistakes and started taking corrective actions, it means you are becoming a matured blogger !

This article is for those beginners who don’t realize their mistakes. And here are the most common mistakes that every beginner blogger will do. Finally, i want beginners to realize their mistakes (at least after reading this article). πŸ™‚

Blogging Only For Making Money.

Always our peoples are narrow minded. Yes, when it comes to blogging and when they know “blog makes money”, people will focus too much on it. You may be blogging for many reasons. Either to share you personal experience or you love to write about something.

Do Mistakes...

Do Mistakes...

In reality, beginners are worrying about blog income and they want to make money from their blogs Quickly. For sure, at many instances quickly making money is not at all possible. Every business needs the right path and right investment of knowledge, time & money. At the early stage of blogging, if you are not focusing towards blog growth and started thinking about money/income, it means clearly “blogging fails” for you.

Blogging Only For Traffic/SEO.

Over a period of time, when you realize the importance of traffic. Yes, traffic equals money/profits. You will work towards to get more blog traffic. In practical, this never happens the next day, it takes time and SEO is a damn long term process. It blows you at many times with no results.

In fact, when you over do SEO, the effects are pretty nasty on your blog. The end, your blog losses its authority with search engines and you will loose your energy/tempo. Finally, you will quit blogging, saying that: blogging is waste of time !

Content Plagiarism/Theft.

Another thing, content plagiarism and thefts. Many of beginner blogger’s are lazy and they don’t want to work much. The end result, they will steal content from other web sites. They don’t realize the importance of quality/useful content. They want to fill their blog with content, and for that they will do anything. With content plagiarism, your blog becomes crap to every one’s eye.

Lack of Knowledge & Interest.

Knowledge about the blog topic and your interest in producing useful content is the major source of blog growth. When you don’t the knowledge, you could not publish useful content in your blog. Similarly, when you lack interest, the productivity of your own and your blog goes down.

Blogging is all about showing interest in sharing useful content.

  • Blogger without blogging interest is like a car without fuel πŸ™‚ And blogger without knowledge (on topic) is like a car without engine πŸ™‚

Did you realize the importance of knowledge & interest ?

Poor Blog Marketing Strategies.

“Blog marketing strategies”, the most important term in blogging. Its same like marketing a real world business, you have to market your blog seriously. In 2010, what i learned ? as blog resolution, is the importance of blog marketing.

Simply saying, you have to make your blog and content Viral. When you are doing viral marketing, the results are wider as your blog/content spreads over Internet as viral. Simple example: Running a blog contest will create more exposure to your blog in Internet especially with co-bloggers as well your audience’s.


  • Mistakes are learning’s.
  • Mistakes are correctable.
  • Mistakes are experiences.
  • Do mistakes, correct it & don’t repeat mistakes. Very soon, your blog rocks !

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