• Your Effort.
  • Your Aim.
  • Your Goal.

The Results.

Fear of Results and Importance of Having Goals.

These are the most sensitive stuffs when you are working on something in life. When you do work, you will have lot of expectations and you aim for something to happen. You put all your effort, sometimes you put extra effort also.

Most of the time, you may not know the result. Sometimes, you may also be afraid or feared of the result. Sometimes, by thinking the results, you won’t put effort.

That’s part of life.

When it comes to blogging, its the same. You work for your blog. You set up a goal. You put the effort. Finally, you won’t be sure about the results until “it happens” or it shows positive result.

It is always good to “forget” the results and not to “worry” about the results.

Instead, you plan it – when this results, what to do? when that results, what to do?

This way, you will be in a clear position and you can always be towards the goal.

Lets forget the results and work with having only the goal in mind – results (“success” comes by itself).

The following chart from MedEdge LLC shows how successful and unsuccessful people differs!Successful vs Unsuccessful People DIfference


Blogging Goals Help You to Grow Forward and Keep Moving.

When you don’t have any goals. You won’t be clear enough. You won’t be able to think “what next?”

For a work like blogging, you have to be moving and adjust yourself to the changing technologies. When you are something not clear about “What next?” obvisouly, you will be lost somewhere.

Hence, it is important to have goals for your blogging career.

Here in BlashO, my goal is simple: drive lot more visitors and build successful products from them around BlashO.

I can well state the “goal in single line”. This helps me to keep moving forward.

I am growing.grow-move-forward

Blogging Goals Make You to “be Focused”.

Having goals helps you to know, “What to do?”. Basically, your goals move yourself out of randomness. Randomness in your blogging work, kills your productivity and you will endup doing something “here and there”.

You will endup, wasting your time.

Know, what to do? and why you have a blog?

This way, you will be focused automatically and always.

You will Enjoy, What You Do.

One of the biggest problem, most of time we will be comitted to something. Right from personal to office, you will endup doing something forcibly. If you do a work without enjoyment, automatically your productivity goes down. Further, you will be wasting your life.

What you got in life? Only your choices…make it correct.

I love-to-work here in BlashO, I enjoy it.

I never force me to work here. The drive comes by itself because I enjoy “What I do?”.

There’s lot of quotes to read.

You Can Easily Overcome Failures, the Mindset.

“Failure” is 50% of the result. The other 50% of result is “Success”.

Yes, there are only 2 can happen: either you Fail or Succeed.

If only the chances of 50% to each other, why you do think about “failure”. Instead, think about “Success” only and, only do what you love.

Many of the successful people in this world, are those who “failed most of the time”.

To make it simple: Think Success and Plan for the failure.

It’s all about the right mindset.

You can refer to the below chart from Nigelhomes.com, see how mindset matters?mindset-in-goal-setup

You Can Measure Every Effort and Refine.

Having goals, make you to understand What to do? and Why?

Hence you can measure it always. You can measure yourself to see, whether you are going towards the goal? How far you have reached? How far to go?

All these simply makes you to be focused, be productive. You can also plan stuffs accordingly based on the progress and what you expect to happen further.

In blogging, you measure your growth in terms of sales, profits, traffic, readers etc. All these can be easily measureable and if you measure, you can easily customize the growth.

To make it simple: Measure, refine and proceed – timely, you will be towards your blogging goals.time-821497_640


To setup a goal for your blog is always easy. To setup a plan to reach your blog is also easy. Following the plan and doing right work is the toughest part.

If you think about failures, you can’t work for your goal.

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Growth knocks your door.

You can easily achieve your blogging goals.

Good Luck to you and me.

Let me know, how you setup goals? how you achieve it?


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