This article is to discuss what are all the disadvantages of blogging on a broad topic. The topic of blogging decides many things when you are blogging for business purpose. Yes, it affects everything from the underlying blog goal till the level of growth and quality traffic. That’s why industry experts are advising to keep the blog topic at high priority esp when you are starting a blog.

Broad Topic Blogging Vs Niche Blogging.

The dilemma is between blogging on a specific topic (niche blogging) or blogging on a broader/wider topic (broad topic blogging). Broad Topic

Broad topic blogging has definitely disadvantages unless you are big brand. Yes, there is an exception, broad topic blogging will be suited for big brand companies which has the capability to market the blog to great extent. The real discussion, comes to individual work from home bloggers ! They could not market the blog to that extent like big brands. There comes the situation to understand the disadvantages of broad topic blogging.

  • Will you be able to build a blog like eHow.COM ? Its impossible for any individual…

Depth Coverage On Topic.

You may not be able to cover in-depth on all the topic. A good example of broad topic blogging is write articles about Art, Fashion as well as about iPhone and Android in your blog. There are not correlation between each of the articles you publish. That’s the greatest disadvantage because you could not write not everything in-depth. We are humans, not robots !

Engaging Reader Interaction.

Reader engagement in a blog is worth especially in serving them with related information. Internet users are information seekers and when your blog is not able to provide them with needful information, that’s the shame. It lacks reader interaction too. Blogs are meant for networking and sharing. When you are not able to share in-depth on all the topics you cover, it lacks interaction and your blog breaks in serving needful information to the reader. Its a failure blogging strategy.

Dominating The Blog Topic.

Dominating your market is more important in blogging. In fact, the level of domination defines the success and popularity of your blog. Even i am able to dominate this niche of money making online business because i am writing articles in-and-out on the same topic. I am in the situation of dominating this niche and hence i am becoming an expert in this niche.

  • If your are blogging about money+finance in one article and marriage+dating on another article, how do you dominate the market ? That makes sense, right ?

Search Engine Traffic.

More important, search engines are market bounded.

In reality, search engines are stupid software’s which are bound to keywords.

Its a “collection of database records, indexed by Keywords”. When you blog about everything in this world, your blog could not be indexed into particular set of keywords. That’s the practical as well as technical difficulty when you think in terms of Real-time Database System (RDBMS). On topic blogging, fits well here.

Your blog will easily bound to certain keywords which are related and hence they rank well in Search engines esp. Google, Yahoo etc.

The Future…

To add a note, you could not define a future goal for a broader blog because, it branch outs at multiple direction and its totally out of your control. On the another hand, niche topic blogs are well predictable and its under control. You could easily think about the future of your blog and take the growth steps well.

To conclude, broad topic blogging is not suited for individual bloggers, it has many more disadvantages. Niche blogging is the best choice forever…



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