For this month onwards, i will be sharing the blog summary. This blog summary helps you to quickly go through the list of blog posts written for a month as well the traffic report of this blog. Its the habit of many successful bloggers to share these kind of statistics about their blog. I am publishing here nearly for the past 2 years and eMoneyMakingOnline.COM has tonnes of resources about money making from online business. Have a look on the Archives, there are more than 350+ articles as of now.

Blog Post SummaryA blog summary helps the readers to quickly browse through the recent blog posts and also it adds value in terms of internal SEO. It also helps me to understand what kind of blog posts i am writing which helps in effective planning too. This could be an experiment of mine to understand any effects of writing blog summary (to find out its worth or not). Lets hope for the best as usual. Here is the list of blog posts published for the month of October 2010.

Blog Posts on Money Making Tips.

Blog Posts on Freelancing.

Blog Posts on Website/Blog Tips.

Blog Posts on Affiliate Business.

Blog Posts on Money Making Programs.

Blog Posts on Online Business Tips.

Blog Posts on Products.

Blog Posts on eCommerce.

Its understood that this blog mainly covers Money making tips and total of 18 articles published. Interestingly, this month there are 4 Guest posts and i think this is the maximum number of guest posts ever written per month.

Blog Traffic Summary.

In the month of October, traffic increased by 39% compared to the previous month. Recently, i started working towards building back links and effect is increase in referral traffic. Also, last month only 9 articles were published and this month its 18, more posts indexed in search engines. Lets see the monthly traffic statistics from Google Analytics.

  • Number of unique visits : 5,259 (~175 visitors/day)
  • Number of Pageviews : 8,073
  • Pagevisits per visitor: 1.54
  • Avg time on site: 1 minute 37 seconds

About 76% of the traffic is from search engines which is a good source of organic/natural traffic to this blog !

Traffic Summary October 2010

Traffic Summary October 2010

Blog Traffic Sources

Blog Traffic Sources

RSS Subscribers : 223 (increased by +100 in a month)

Twitter Followers: ~840 followers

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