Very recently, i shared a blog summary which shown you the various achievements/blog posts of Yes, that’s for october 2010 (long back, right?). I have not shared the blog summary for the last 3 months. So this time, i am excited to share the blog summary for January 2011.

This last 3 months, there were many interesting activities happened in eMoneyMakingOnline.COM And in fact, i have launched 1-2 niche blogs too.

To mention, so far i have written ~400 articles in this blog and you could browse through my Archives (its a huge list, dude). This shows dedication and consistency in my blogging career. You know, still i am running this blog as a part-time activity 🙂

I don’t share all the blog posts for the past 3 months (its tough), instead i will be sharing only the January 2011 blog posts (to keep this simple). Have a look on 2010 top articles of which i released recently.

  • January 2011 is a great month, you know there was a Google PageRank Update and interestingly, PageRank of this blog increased to “2”.

Summary of Blog Posts…

In total, 24 blog posts were published 🙂

Course I Took Part…

Good thing, i joined the Mass Money Maker affiliate course and found later that, it is only suitable for a brand new affiliate marketer. I quit the course later (got money back). Interestingly, i learnt the depth coverage of affiliate marketing by Matt & Alen. I started promoting MMM course in my blog too.

Blog Traffic/Subscriber Summary…

Lets get into the traffic/subscriber statistics. There are many interesting data to digg into my Google Analytics account. Let me share you only the major statistics….

Blog traffic increased to great extent, in the month of october 2010 there were ~170 visitors per day. Now on this January 2011, if you see the below graph, traffic per day reached up to 370 visitors per day. That’s a decent growth i believe (almost, blog traffic doubled).

January 2011 - Daily Unique Visits

January 2011 – Daily Unique Visits – Click to Enlarge

  • Number of unique visits : 8,464 (280 visitors/day on average)
  • Number of Pageviews : 12,870
  • Pagevisits per visitor: 1.52
  • Avg time on site: 1 minute 42 seconds (wow, increase by 5 seconds than Oct’2010)

I would say, another big achievement: Blog subscriber count reached 500+ (it was 223 during Oct’ 2010).

Lets hope for the best. I would like to thank every one who are regularly reading this blog and all the search engine visitors. I will continue to help peoples publishing useful articles on my favorite topic of Online Business via Blogging, Affiliate Marketing and Freelancing.

Stay tuned to hear more interesting stuffs from me….

Thanks to all !


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