Its time to share you the blog summary which consolidates all the blog posts written for the last month as well as the traffic report. Its quite interesting every month to re-look into the achievements and growth. Its also encouraging to understand, where the blog is going ? In fact, writing down a blog summary may help myself to plan the growth of this blog. Lets see, how long i will be able to share all these information ?

Interestingly, last month we had a Google PageRank update and eMoneyMakingOnline.COM moved from PR1 to PR2 though I never work for PageRank. I always aim to help the readers, by sharing what i am learning ? and what i think about online business ? Have a look into Archives where you could find all my articles at one place.

Summary of Blog Posts….

For the month of February, i published total of 16 articles. I think this is a decent number at the rate of 0.5+ articles per day. Usually, I plan to write every day but not able to afford time because of my other new web sites which i started recently and my day job.

Here are the list of posts written for February 2011…

Blog Traffic Report…

Lets see into traffic/subscriber statistics. As usual, there are many interesting stuffs seen in Google Analytics that i used to analyze once in a month.

Overall the traffic growth rate for the last month is +35% as expected and number of visitor coming to this blog is increasing every day, when compared to other day. See the below graph which shows on Feb at the maximum of 442 visitors came to this blog on a single day.

More Blog Statistics…

Monthly Pageviews : 16, 720
Avg Visitors Per Day : 367+
Avg Time on Site : 1 minute 38 seconds
Blog Subscribers : 633 subscribers
Alexa Rank : 98,954

  • If you see the above figures, subscribers count had increased to more than 600, when compared to last month where it reached 500 subscribers, almost 130+ increased. At the same time, Alexa Rank also moved down to 100K which is a good sign of blog growth.

As a short plan, for the upcoming month, i would like to concentrate towards:

  • publishing more useful articles to the readers
  • adding at least 1 blog post per day
  • promoting more guest writers (want to write guest post ?)
  • launching a Facebook page

I would like to thank each and every visitors of this blog. I will continue to help people writing useful stuffs on my favorite online business topics (Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Freelancing). Lets hope for the best.

Stay Tuned……..


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  1. Roy C.Chukwu - Reply


    That is a very impressive report, but you still have alot of work to do.

    I will recommend at least a Guest Blog on a very active blog.


    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      Thanks for the comment Roy, i totally agree your point…i have to think about it…

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