Last time, we analyzed the blog report on Feb 2011 and the next 2 months were missed out. Today i thought of sharing the blog summary with you all. I see like its really a good practice to do an analysis on the traffic report every month. Because, it gives me great insights about my blog and especially, it tells how the blog grows ?

The month of March and April went really well and i am seeing many things improved in this blog.

  • I slightly re-designed the sidebar, to accommodate 125×125 banner ads and you could see nice banner ads running there…
  • The number of RSS readers had increased greatly and its nearing to reach 1K readers (that was 1 of my goal for this year and looks, i will achieve it very earlier).
  • Interestingly, i published my 400th article this April and really, i don’t know how this happened ! (i am consistent)…
  • New column introduced in the sidebar, “Recent Guest Post which shows the latest guest articles especially to help the guest writers with traffic and to promote more writers…Check these guidelines, if you want to write guest post !

Further, you could find all the articles in this blog from the Archives section.

Summary of Blog Posts…

In the month of April, only 9 articles were published (this is very less when compared to other months, in march it was 19 articles). Interestingly, this includes 3 guest articles πŸ™‚ and however, the articles that i posted are of great quality, each goes beyond 1000+ words.

If you see the below graph, i am getting almost ~600 unique visitors per day. When compared to the last time Feb report, its nearly doubled πŸ™‚Traffic Report Shows 611 Unique Visitors Per Day !

We all know that, Google made some panda effect and many web sites faced up/down in their traffic. Interestingly, its positive result for us and Google traffic is increasing day-by-day. I believe, always quality content is the base for search engine traffic (proved now) and i don’t much bother about back linking stuffs (let it be natural)….

More Blog Statistics for Apr 2011.

Monthly Pageviews: 21K
Avg Visitors Per Day : 400+ to 600+
Blog Readers : 965 (soon it will reach 1K)
Alexa Rank : 77, 844

Further, i would like to thank every one for reading this blog and i will continue to help people by giving the best advice about online business and making money out of it….

Join with us…


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