Happy New Year ! to every one who read this blog. And its time to set blog resolution and new blogging strategies for this year 2010. So far this blog emoneymakingonline.com is doing good and grown much higher during the past 10 months. 10 months is not a big milestone in blogging career but this blog had gained much more value during this period of time. And I hope this blog continues to grow even more in 2010. Grow Fast And Stay Healthy ! is the motive that I am going to take for this year. And the outcome are the below blog resolution’s for 2010. (this could be few of my goals too).

Blog Posting Frequency.

Posting frequency is important to maintain and to give life to the blog. Without frequent posting, your blog looks like dead. So far in this blog, i am publishing ~12 posts every month. This is not a big figure as compared to other blogs but the good thing is almost all the posts are quality, unique & lengthy (not less 650 words on an average). The new goal is to increase the posting frequency.

If you see my blog archive, during the month of dec 2009, i have increased the posting frequency and hence the search engine traffic had also increased a bit higher. I would like to continue this strategy for this year and I am willing to publish 1 article per day and hence publishing 30 articles a month (at least 25 articles per month). Lets hope for the best !

So at the end of the year, this blog will be having 25 * 12 = 300+ articles.

High Quality Blog Posts.

Almost all the articles published in this blog are gaining good position in search engines (SERP) for the targeted keywords. The reason is, they are unique and quality content (in terms of helping the reader). So I would like to continue that strategy for this year too but a bit increase quality. You can expect more number of “How To” and
blog posts with videos” articles in the year.

So far i have published 2+ beginner courses, like steps to start online business, online business income from home and the pending course money making from internet. You can expect more such useful courses, especially targeting the online business beginner’s for this year. I am planning to add 1 more top linkbar with all the courses linked from every page of this blog. Also, I am planning to widen the categories covered.

Increasing Blog Traffic.

The aim is always increasing the organic traffic (traffic from search engines). And I would continue to focus on gaining search engine traffic. I have already started using twitter and other social media tools recently. So i am expecting to get more traffic using social media tools for this year. Though I have a believe that social media is WASTE OF TIME, this year i am going to spend few minutes every day on social media tools for the growth of this blog. Lets see how this experiment goes useful.

Money Making Strategies.

So far I have no such aim of making money from this blog, even though i have partly monetized this blog very recently. For this year, I will take serious decisions based on the achievement of traffic goals. If I reach my traffic threshold (aim) then for sure i will effectively monetize this blog. But heartily saying, I have not thought much about monetizing this blog. Once a considerable amount of growth is achieved, i will do a monetizing plan for this blog. Lets hope for the best again.

Blog Readers.

Now this blog has 2 figure regular readers and i hope by the end of this year, i will reach nearly 4 figure readers. I am planning to ask every new reader of this blog to subscribe, will find out some useful plugin to make the work simpler. That’s why i started using Twitter, lets see who i am building my network πŸ™‚

For the period of 10 months, I have learned a lot about blogging and my favorite topic “ONLINE BUSINESS“. I have planned to do more experimentation’s for this year especially on Affiliate Marketing. I hope i will spend quality time continuously for this blog in future (usually, i will spend 1 hour per day). Lets hope everything goes good in 2010.

Good luck to every one & to myself πŸ˜‰


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