Blog redesign is one of the challenging task for a blogger. We all know that it takes lot of time when it comes to web design, we have to consider each and every aspect of the web page. Technically right from HTML, CSS, JS to the backend PHP we have to digg a lot.

Even though most of the jobs are done by the wordpress themes and plugins, we have to work based on the Goal of Redesign – i mean, what we want to achieve ?

Yes, redesigning your blog definitely needs a goal and focus. In my case, i used a dark style theme before (see the screen shot below) and i hardly tweaked a lot in order to make it success. It went well and satisfied both the visitors, search engines. However, i felt certain things are not available or appealing to the visitors and decided to move my blog to next level. I didn’t outsource any of these redesign activities and did everything my self in customizing the theme for my specific needs.

The aim – make the blog simple, attractive and appealing…

The old blog design:

Snippet of Old  Design

Snippet of Old Design

Now you are seeing the new design of this blog and it is based on the Theme-Junkie (no affiliate link) Daily theme (Note: I have moved to Avada WordPress theme  to achieve professional design). I could see this theme more appealing and professionally designed. The following are the 3 major advantages of this theme that i could see/feel….

Simple & Professional Design.

Simplicity is more important in web design and it makes everything simple right from design management for a tech guy like me as well as in customizing the needs of visitors.

Even simple design helps the visitors in easy navigation and also, it loads faster (which is one of the important parameter in search engine ranking now-a-days).

Secondly, the finishing of this theme is great – used standard colors (like white, blue) and the design looks like carved…

Valid HTML & CSS.

This theme passes the HTML, CSS validation and there are no errors seen. That means, the look-n-feel works the best with various browsers and resolutions. And important, i could optimize/squeeze the CSS, JS code which directly reduces the page load time. In the old theme, i found lot of JS errors when i tried to load the site with different browsers or when i tried to optimize. Now, its multi-browser compatible and optimized !

Sidebar Ad Placement.

With the old theme, there were lot of issues in ad placement especially in the sidebar because that was a 3-column layout. Now, it is 2-column layout and 125×125 banner ads are perfectly fitting the design. The top bar ad placement is now 480×60 and earlier, it was 720×90 which i felt heavier in the top banner. Now the blog is powered to maximize ad revenue !

Note: I am no longer focusing on Ad revenues instead focusing towards “product creation” (developed AffiLinker as a first step) and affiliate “product promotion”.

Other ReDesign Considerations…

  • Yes, it is Search Engine Optimized and i tweaked few things to keep it same like the old theme.
  • Tabbed listing in the sidebar which shows the popular, recent comments with AJAX thumbnails.
  • Home page slider which looks simple and attracts the visitors attention.
  • Recent Guest Authors listed in the sidebar and Recent Guest posts listed in the footer bar – to attract more guest authors.
  • Brighter logo – since the background is white, the logo stands out i believe and definitely, attracts the visitor attention.
  • Now the slogan “Anatomy of online business” is extended to “Anatomy of online business – explore yourself”.  I no longer use this slogan as the blog topic shifted towards “about blogging”.
  • and much more….

Now the new design is up and running, lets hope for the best. I will continue to add value to the readers of this site and i have marketing plans to push it hard in order to move the blog to next level – towards attracting more regular readers, more guest authors and search/social traffic.

Further, i am working on the new product which helps wordpress bloggers to effectively monetize their blog (yes, that’s a premium wordpress plugin) – soon i will be launching it…  Its launched, checkout AffiLinker here.

Lets hope of the best….

Do you like this new design and what you feel about it ? share your thoughts below…


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I love-to-code, passionate-to-write, an upcoming author, and WordPress enthusiast. Here at BlashO, I mostly share WordPress tips. Connect with me @Twitter.


  1. Jeffson - Reply

    Hey, the new design looks really good than before and as you mentioned, light color design looks appealing….Good luck.

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      Thanks for your comment Jeffson

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