One of the most common question among bloggers, do blog posting frequency affects/increases blog traffic ? And how to keep the blog posting frequency ? Recently, i did an experiment with my blog and found interesting observations out of it.

The example that i am going to share here definitely helps other bloggers to understand the importance of blog posting frequency. From my experience, i have seen that posting frequency definitely affects the traffic and it definitely increases the traffic. I have seen many people saying, quality of blog post is more important over posting frequency. I am not against that statement. Instead, i strongly believe that post frequency increases blog traffic. Lets see the data that i have collected from my experimentation’s.

Usual Posting Habit.

My posting habit is that, 3-4 posts per week and i am following this for the past 1 year. An example, the following figure shows the traffic that my blog received in a week of June-2010. It receives 611 visitors. And for the month of May-2010, it had received 511 visitors. So in a month, the traffic per week increased by 100 visitors (with my usual posting frequency).

Blog traffic per week on May-2010

Blog traffic per week on May-2010

Blog traffic per week on June-2010

Blog traffic per week on June-2010

Increase In Posting Frequency.

I started my experiment and decided to increase the posting frequency from July-2010. See the Archive here and the post count for the month of July, i have written ~45 articles in that month. which is more than twice the normal post frequency. So whats the effect ? See the below figure, my blog received nearly ~1000 visitors per week. And the increase in traffic is around +50% of visitors.

Increase in blog traffic per week on July-2010

Increase in blog traffic per week on July-2010

And also, the page views increased to nearly ~7K per week.

So the effects of increase in posting frequency are:

  • Increase in number of visitors coming to the blog.
  • There is a increase in Google’s traffic (and other search engines too).
  • Number of page views increased.
  • Average time, the visitors staying in my blog increased.
  • RSS subscriber count increased, its now reached 3 figure (very recently, i integrated it).
  • Alexa rank quickly climbed from 300K to ~200K (in a month).
  • Interestingly, my writing habit/style improved a lot n lot…

So the conclusion, blog posting frequency definitely increases your blog traffic, from all corners. More pages indexed in search engines and hence more entry points to your blog. Your readers will come back frequently to find more new information. Your blog remains fresh and dynamic. Only thing, you have to put more effort for writing more useful articles for your blog.


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  1. Nice article but I suppose it will all depend on the quality of the posts as well. No point blogging more frequently with poor content.

    Very nice to see my author info box code still being used as well. Looks good.

    • Mr.Ven - Reply

      Yes, i agree that quality of blog post is more important than quantity, at the same time quantity+quality matters ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. eurostar deals - Reply

    Yes, blog posting on daily or weekly basis can increase the traffic. I also believe in quality. But i think blog marketing is also necessary to get more traffic.

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