You are already aware that you can make money from blogs, however your blog is not making money yet – is that correct ? Good that you are in the right page now and to be clear, when you understand the reasons why your blog is not making money – you can definitely do the best. I mean, when you understand those mistakes you can correct them at the earliest.

Not all blogs are making money and not all bloggers are becoming rich – many people quit in the middle because of the simple reason, they don’t know the right steps/approach of profitable blogging.

In this article, i will take you through those reasons or you can call it as mistakes so that in the end, you will be clear with what you are currently doing and what you are not doing !Why Your Blog Is Not Making Money and How To Make it ?

You Don’t Select the Right Niche.

The very first step in blogging is finding the right niche (or the topic) and the very first mistake: you found the wrong topic for your blog. The niche highly decides the success of your blog and its income.

  • For example, you could not make even a cent by sharing your personal life in your blog – instead, if you start focusing on “something where people are willing to spend”, you can definitely make a lot from your blog.

You Don’t Write Often.

Blog has to be live and alive. You have to write often almost every day. This actually adds value to your blog every day and it becomes an information resource sooner which attracts lot of regular visitors. In other words, when you started sharing more information, more people will come to see it. In fact, every new page opens the way for visitors from search engines.

  • For example, you should have a writing schedule say, “i will publish 5 articles per week or 10 articles per week”.

If you see most of the tech blogs around (like Techcrunch, engadget, Mashable etc.) they used to publish 10-20 articles per day, think why they are publishing like that ?

You Don’t Write In Detail.

Not only the quantity of articles, it also depends on the “quality of writing”.

With the latest changes in Google search algorithms, it is clear that you could not rank without great content. In fact, detailed content is always appreciated by people as well as search engines. So forget all these conceptions and focus towards your reader – provide as much as useful information to them.

  • For example, you can pick a particular (narrow) topic and cover everything A-Z on that topic – this actually adds real value to the reader and people do come back again looking for same kind of information.

You Don’t Monetize It Well.

When it comes to making money, the most important step is: effective monetization. If you don’t monetize your blog, you can’t make money – if you monetize it well, you can make well – that’s simple.

Contextual monetization works the best – i mean, showing the right product/ads to the right people which converts the best. At the same time, don’t over do it and never hurt the visitor with too much of ads.

  • For example, you can have income goals say: i will make $2000 per month. Plan for it and start the action immediately !

You Don’t Diversify the Income Source.

Diversification is important for any business to succeed and to survey for the long term. You should not stick to one method of earning, instead when you diversify it, you can drive more profits from various sources and you don’t know how one source of income is potential than another source. Learn to diversify your income source.

  • For example, don’t stick to PPC ads (say Google Adsense), instead promote affiliate products from various networks, sell ad space, write product reviews, paid reviews, build your own product etc.

You Don’t Do SEO Correctly.

SEO is the heart of blogging, without SEO you blog can’t grow – this concept is well proved with the Google Panda updates. Most of the blogs are hit by Panda and many lost their business.

SEO has the power to grow and even to kill your blog. So play it safely.

  • For example, you should not over do SEO. Don’t build too much of backlinks, don’t over stuff keywords, don’t write on vast topic (write on niche) – keep it natural, it works the best.

You Don’t Attract the Audience.

Building regular visitors to your blog is one of the toughest part of blogging. You have to build trust – attract the audience with great content, great blog design and initiate interaction with them every day.

  • For example, you can conduct a contest in your blog, quickly attract new visitors and hold them in your social account (facebook, twitter, G+) or into your e-mail list. This makes them to come back again or you can also ping them to come back anytime.

You Don’t Diversify the Traffic Source.

Like income source, you have to diversify the traffic source also. Not only SEO and search traffic – you can drive visitors from social networks and from other sites (by spreading your blog link every day).

For example, you can have a plan to write 1-2 guest posts every week, plan to build social followers every month by 1k+.

You Don’t Have a Plan.

Blogging is a business. It requires proper planning and you have to strategize the work. Plan everything, your writing schedule, income sources, traffic sources – do experiments, try out new strategies and tweak your work every day.

Blogging is a slow process however, when you plan it well and follow all these tips you can easily make it an agile process. Keep on going, never give up – soon your blog will be making a lot of money.

Good Luck !

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  1. suraj - Reply

    humm pretty intersting article here……i would say patience and commitment are also important things that can be very effective..

    • Mr. Ven - Reply

      yes that’s right suraj nothing happens in a day or two, however spending good time on your blog (+ right traffic strategy) yields quicker results.

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