One of the most advantages of blogging, you can reflect your mind and take your blog along with your personality. Even, you can monetize your blog in order to drive a source of income in life. If you are a passionate blogger then you must also know that you can turn your own blog into a profitable business. However, it all depends on your own interests. You may be highly interested in the primary topic of your blog.

Hence the passion.

Apart from passion, as I said earlier you can drive income from it, the primary goal or passion varies from not just passionate about the topic instead to the money as well.

That’s nothing wrong to turn your passionate blog into a business. And no one can stop you from doing it.

That’s the power of blogging. I have discussed numerous times about monetizing a blog and even, I could recall one of the writings on how you can turn your personal blog into a business.Working Ideas

Today, I want to list down some of the great ideas that comes to my mind apart from my own experiences and what I could see about successful online businesses.

  • Write an eBook on your blog’s primary topic and promote it from your blog.
  • Create a WordPress Plugin and sell it across all major WordPress marketplaces + from your blog.
  • Develop a software that solves one of the major problem in your market or primary topic and sell it from major software marketplace.
  • Convert your existing blog into a membership blog where you can charge readers for getting your content.
  • Become a product reviewer, publish in-depth reviews of some of the famous products in your market and get paid for from the product owners.
  • Develop an Android App or iOS App that provide an on-go solution to your audience and sell it from respective App stores.
  • Start a forum by expanding your blog, engage all your audience in it and drive multiple sources of revenue from the forum.
  • Open direct Ad sales in your blog, show your blog traffic statistics and attract advertisers to pay a lump for running their ads.
  • Find out some of the great products in your topic or your own favorite one and promote them from your blog as an Affiliate.
  • Become an expert consultant, attract clients, server their needs and get paid. All you have to build a personal brand of yourself.
  • Induce a freemium business model in all you do, by offering something for free/trail and charge later for full access.
  • Sell T-Shirts, Mugs and other leisure accessories from your blog with great slogans of yours printed using a service like Merchify.
  • Build an E-Mail list of followers using Aweber or MailChimp, build trust and show products/offers to them via periodic E-Mails.
  • Simply run traditional advertisements using some of the best programs like Google Adsense.
  • Create a WordPress theme and sell it across all major WordPress marketplaces + from your blog.
  • Create Video/Logo graphic templates and sell it across all major digital marketplaces + from your blog.
  • Pick a physical product related to your blog and turn your blog into an eCommerce site.
  • You can also sell your blog using a bidding system like flippa.
  • More Ideas to come, stay tuned!

These are few of the great ideas that come to my mind immediately, I will be updating this blog post often with more stuff when I get in my mind. In reality, all you need to attract a good amount of traffic or visitors to your blog who are really interested/serious about your primary topic.

If you can then for sure, you can pick any of these ideas which really suits your blog/personality and implement it as a business.

Of course, with a good number of targeted traffic and a great value for money – you can turn your blog into a profitable business soon!



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