Android market had grown huge especially during the last few Years. Having a presence on the Play Store may bring you lot of exposure to your blog. There are millions of Android users around the world. If you can simply convert your existing blog into an Android App, you can Tap into those huge audience without much hard work.

Yes, without hard work and without doing any programming stuff.

Simply, you can pick any of these tools from the below list and start making an Android App for your blog, publish it on the Play

The list has both free-to-use as well as premium tools. Hope this helps you to make a great App for your blog.

1. AppYet

A simple tool which can make an Android App for you. You don’t need to do any coding or programming. All you have to just give the RSS feed of your blog and this tool makes an App for you. You can then publish it on the Google Play Store. They have a separate forum to discuss everything about this tool, you can give a try.

Watch the below video to understand more about AppYet.

2. Mobiloud

One of the famous tool which can quickly turn your WordPress blog into an Android App. They have a WordPress plugin also which helps you to manage your App as well as to customize the options. Whenever, there are any new post in your blog, this plugin automatically updates it to your Android App.

New posts are notified to your readers through the notification bar and hence you will get your readers to quickly know about new posts. The App also provides option to share the content on all major social networks like facebook, Twitter and also, via E-Mail.

It also supports AdMob ad units and other iframe/HTML based Ad units – hence you can also monetize your App. It also works along with Google Analytics to analyze how the readers are finding content from your App.

Watch the help video on how to use Mobiloud.

3. IDEA Press

Yet another tool which can turn your WordPress blog into an Android App. They also have a WordPress plugin that you have to install in your blog first. Register your blog’s URL and customize the App design. Then you can download your Android App and publish it to play store.

The tool’s interface is simple and straight forward, you can also choose between different layouts. You can customize which categories to appear or not in your App.

Take a look from their help page.ideapress-app-creator

This also support offline browsing that means, your readers can read your blog without an active Internet/Data connection. Your new blog posts are dynamically updated to the App and you can bring back your readers quickly to your blog.

4. JoeMobi

Yet another tool to make an Android App from your blog. With JoeMobi’s WordPress plugin, you can customize what type of posts should appear on the App. Like posts, pages, media, Menu items etc.

The App supports push notifications and instantly, updates the readers whenever a new blog post published on your blog. Your readers can also leave their comments directly from the Android App.joemobi-build-app

They have a basic Analytics feature that shows number of visitors, unique visitors, number of push notifications on the dashboard which may help you to track your Apps performance.

5. Blogger2Android App for Blogger Blogs

This is a pre-built App made for blogger’s. You can customize the App to your needs. It supports all the major and required features like: post refresh, endless post viewing etc. You can choose between different color schemes. It supports image caching and also, shows comments.

It has support to show Advertisements. You can find more information from hereblogger2android

6. Worona

This is a WordPress plugin which can quickly convert your blog into an Android App .APK file. You can do this in 5 steps:

  1. Install the plugin.
  2. Make sure the permalinks in your blog is arranged by %postname%
  3. Download the Worona Mobile App
  4. Download and Install Corona SDK. Configure the main.lua file to your blog’s custom data
  5. Build your App and publish it on Play Store.

They have made tutorials and the get started page takes you through the entire App creation process.

7. AppsGeyser

Yet another tool to make an Android App from your blog. The getting started page can quickly take you through from picking your website and to convert it into an App.


I hope this list helps you today. There are lot more tools and I found these are few of the decent ones that can quickly turn your blog into an Android App. The Android market is huge and you can easily get more exposure to your existing blog.

As of today, I don’t have an Android App for BlashO. However, I have developed Android Apps and they are listed on the Play Store. Soon, I will be releasing an Android App for BlashO blog on Google Play Store. Hope for the best.

Let me know, what tool you are using to make App for your blog?


About the Author:

I love-to-code, passionate-to-write, an upcoming author, and WordPress enthusiast. Here at BlashO, I mostly share WordPress tips. Connect with me @Twitter.


  1. Is there any app builder software which makes your app look identical to your blog?

    • Ven Tesh - Reply

      I am not sure of any app builder software, however, using WebView implementations (in case of Android) the app design can be made identical to the blog. WebView brings the complete blog or a webpage into an App and it gives the same experience of using a web browser.


  2. bro please share the bloggertoandroid file pls

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