There’s a lot of myth out there about making money online. Of course, it’s possible to generate a more-than comfortable income from a blog, allowing you to work from home and enjoy better work-life balance. Probably the biggest mistake first-timers make is to believe the rumours that say all you need to do is turn up to your computer everyday and money will miraculously appear in your bank account. I’m sorry to say, that the wonders of the internet just haven’t evolved that far yet – maybe one day.

How Do You Blog Better ?

Professional blogging is a job.

It can be a great job that puts you in touch with many people you might never have come across otherwise. It is a broadcast platform that can make you in to a media star. It can also be a tough job, working alone, and reading, researching and writing all day. These are solitary activities, so be sure you’re happy doing them before you take the plunge.

As a beginner….

he may be a better blogger...

  • It is important to choose a demanding blog topic where you can find more readers. Otherwise, you will be sitting alone and no one will find your blog especially on search engines. Learn how to find niches that are profitable ?
  • It is always good to blog about a topic that you love and passionate about. Because blogging is a long term work and you have to consistently deliver useful stuffs so that you blog will be active and live.
  • When it comes to money, it all depends on the volume of the traffic that you drive as well as the targetness of the visitors coming to your blog. Income comes naturally when your blog grows and there are always multiple options to setup a revenue stream from blogs.
  • All you have to consistently produce useful content to readers and more important market your blog. Use social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ to attract and hold your audience. Getting networked is the key to blogging success in this social media era. As a beginner, learn how to market your blog from scratch ?

Making the best of WordPress Blog.

If you’re serious about creating an income from blogging, WordPress is widely considered the best platform to use.

  • The simple reason is that it’s so versatile. With an enormous range of plugins that work for your site, making the entire blogging experience easier for you; WordPress is a must in the arsenal of any Internet entrepreneur.

Your Blog Design with Welcome Bar.

When considering the design of your blog, think of it like a shop. The physical shop has a distinct advantage; it has a window that can be dressed in a particular way to get your attention. Once it has your attention, you’ll go in to the stop and search to see if your curiosity is satisfied.

Choose a simple and easy to navigate Theme, there are lot of free WordPress themes available – you can just search Google to find such themes. Make sure your blog loads faster, see here how your web hosting affects the loading speed.

While you might not be using your site to sell something specific, your blog is still a shop. However, it’s not just any ordinary shop; this shop is both window and hidden corners at once.

Why ?

Because your reader is staring at a flat screen. What you have to do in designing your blog is to demonstrate that there is both warm welcome and interesting content that must be clicked on as soon as they arrive. Here’s where the Hello Bar Plugin might help. It’s the grand headline, the big friendly handshake; the warm welcome that arouses curiosity in the reader. You could advertise your latest post, place tweets, or place your brand phrase here. Whatever you decide will make the reader curious.

Social Media Integration.

Selecting the right social media buttons is a popular pastime for new bloggers. Getting just the right button in just the right place is critical. And, as with most things in WordPress, there’s a plug-in for that. This will allow you full customization of all your social media buttons, so they can be displayed on your site and others can find you easily on other platforms. You can make use of Social Media Widget Plugin.

If the bulk of your traffic is going to come from social networks, it’s a good idea to get hold of Social Metrics so you can track how each post does across the main social platforms. See which topics arouse discussion on which platforms; this could lead you to a new watering hole you might not have considered before. It’ll also tell you what’s not working, which is equally important information to have. No-one wants to read a blog full of dead wood.

Lets summarize what we learned to blog better:

  • Choose a blog topic that has demand in the market and also, you love to write about it.
  • Use WordPress as you content management system, there are lot of free-to-use useful plugins available in the market to save your time.
  • Choose a simple and easy to navigate WordPress blog design that loads faster.
  • Show a Hellobar and promote the key blog posts or activities in your blog.
  • Add social media buttons to your blog and keep your visitors active.
  • Track social metrics and promote your content based on what works the better.
  • Driving traffic is the key to make money with your WordPress blog – get networked with other blogs and market your blog.

Becoming a successful professional blogger who lives the dream of working from home in his, or her PJ’s, eating pizza and never tidying up – isn’t life grand – is absolutely achievable if you’re focused on user experience as much as stats.

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