We all know and always believe that WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms. In fact, no surprise that about +28% of the web is powered by WordPress.

Yes, it’s open source, available for anyone to download & install. Hence there are tones of resources, people talking about it, helping each other.

You put all your hard work into growing your blog, right from blog design, content, traffic etc. There are days like this, where you may face difficulties.

It is always frustrating to see a blank login page – you are not alone – this happens to everyone around. Even I had also faced similar issues earlier with BlashO.com.

First of all, Be Calm!

This problem can be solved.How to Fix WordPress Blank Login Page Problem?

In this article, I will take your through 3 methods to fix this blank login page problem in WordPress.

Let’s recall your memory.

You can try to answer the following questions before going to try the fixes:

  • Which is the recently installed/updated WordPress plugin?
  • Did you change your WordPress theme recently?
  • Or, which is the recent change you did on your blog?

Simple solution: try to revert that recent change and try to access your login page.

That sounds so simple, however, the following fixes may take you through the most common causes of blank login page problem on your WordPress blog.

Fix #1 : Deactivate all WordPress plugins & disable one-by-one

If you had recently installed or updated a WordPress plugin then simply deactivate that plugin.

Since you are not able to login to your dashboard, you have to deactivate from your web hosting login.

Follow the steps to deactivate all plugins:

  1. Login to your web hosting account’s cpanel.
  2. Open File Manager and you will see all the files/folders.WordPress folder access through cpanel
  3. Navigate to the folder /wp-content/ from your blog’s root directory.
  4. You will be seeing a folder /plugins/WordPress plugins folder
  5. Just rename the folder /plugins/ into /plugins-x/

Now try to access your login page: www.example.com/wp-admin/

If you are able to see the WordPress login page then it is sure that the problem is because of a WordPress plugin.

Now follow the below steps to disable plugins one-by-one:

  1. Rename back the folder /plugins-x/ into /plugins/
  2. Navigate to the folder / plugins/
  3. You will be seeing a lot of folders (each represents the corresponding WordPress plugin installed on your blog). The following is the screenshot of SiteGround web hosting.WordPress showing all plugins
  4. Now rename the folders one-by-one (try to access the login page in between every re-name)
  5. The moment when you rename the problematic folder, you will start seeing the login page. That problematic folder is the problematic plugin.
  6. You can just keep the folder renamed or simply, delete it (in case, if you don’t want that plugin).
  7. Problem solved.

Fix #2: Deactivate your active WordPress theme & enable default theme

In case, if the fix #1 doesn’t help – there could be a problem with your WordPress theme.

If you remember, you had enabled/changed the theme recently then you can try to disable it.

Follow the below steps to disable your active WordPress theme:

  1. Login to your web hosting cpanel
  2. Open File ManagerWordPress folder access through cpanel
  3. Navigate to the folder /wp-content/themes/ from the root directory of your blogWordPress themes folder
  4. Locate your active theme’s folder (most probably, it will be your theme name).
  5. Rename the theme folder – for example, I am using Avada theme – in that case, I will be renaming the folder /avada/ into /avada-x/
  6. Now try to access the login page – it should not be a blank login page.
  7. Problem solved – confirms the problem is your theme.


  • Once you rename your active theme’s folder name, WordPress automatically takes the default theme. Either you can delete that theme folder or just keep it renamed.

In case, this fix #2 is not helping – then there are no problems with your plugins & themes.

Fix #3: Restore your WordPress blog from a recent backup

This is the simple solution of all.

Nowadays, almost every hosting provider is supporting automatic backups. For example, SiteGround performs a daily backup of the complete files/folders, WordPress database as well as e-mails.

  • Just login to your web hosting account and activate the Restore option. backup restore option
  • Make sure you are restoring from a date, on which you successfully accessed the login page.

For sure, this will solve your problem.

Note: when you restore from a backup, keep in mind that you will lose all those changes since that backup date.

I hope you were able to restore your WordPress login page.

Further, you can clear the web browsers (I mean chrome/firefox/IE etc.) cookie & cache – try to access the login page. You can also take a look at the official login trouble page or try to update site URL.

Please leave a comment, if you still face this problem or how else you solved it (may help others too).


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